Save the world in PS VR strategy romp Animal Force, out today on PS VR

If you’re into tower defence, saving the planet, or are simply looking for something new and exciting then you should go and buy Animal Force immediately!

Earth is under attack and the hapless and helpless humans are being kidnapped by nefarious alien invaders. Only one force on the planet can stave off the attack and safeguard humanity – the Animal Force; a super-group of courageous critters from around the globe with extraordinary abilities and superior fashion sense.

Animal Force is a fresh take on the much loved tower-defence genre, designed specifically for PlayStation Move and PSVR; it’s simple and intuitive controls will have you repelling alien invaders in no time and with nearly 40 levels and seven boss fights to master, hours of animal antics await.

There are 11 characters to collect, each with their own unique skills. You can only choose three types of animal for each level, so choose carefully and experiment with different combinations to find the perfect team. You can also power up your animals as you play, making them even more formidable (not to mention stylish).

Are you constantly being badgered by friends and family members wanting to play your VR games? Or are you tired of sitting quietly watching your friends play theirs? Then fret no more! Simply pick up a Dualshock 4 and you can play Animal Force together! Featuring three local multiplayer modes, each with unique gameplay for one VR player and up to three Dualshock 4 players, Animal Force has got you covered.

With a single player mode jam-packed with scintillating tower defence puzzles and three local multiplayer mini-games, Animal Force has something for everyone, so what are you waiting for? Earth’s not going to save itself!

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