Control an alien world’s day & night cycle in puzzle-platformer Planet Alpha, out 4th September for PS4

Hello PlayStation fans, my name is Adrian Lazar, and I am the Creative Director of Planet Alpha, an adventure game that takes place in a living alien world where you have the ability to control the day and night. It combines fast platforming, challenging puzzles and stealth elements with a unique art-style to create an unforgettable experience.

Planet Alpha

It’s with great excitement I can now announce that Planet Alpha will be released on 4th September this year! To celebrate this we have prepared a new trailer showing some of the dangers lurking in this world. Alone and far away from home you find yourself in the centre of a conflict of epic proportions where second chances are rare.

Planet Alpha

Having a release date feels surreal and it is a moment I’ve been personally waiting for since 2013, when the first ideas for the game started to take shape.

Back then I had no clue of the journey that was lying ahead but I was determined to give the platformer genre a fresh take and to create a game that offers a special experience.

And what a journey that was: over the years the game grew from a part-time personal project to a team work of 7, we had to go back to the drawing board when we thought it was almost finished and even the name changed a few times.

Planet Alpha Planet AlphaPlanet Alpha

We also iterated, constantly and over everything, and with every iteration something was left behind. With no restrictions, we let our imagination run free and in a way the game grew on its own, twisting and turning, with ideas generating new ideas.

Planet Alpha

What we ended up with is not a perfectly shaped, cute garden tree, but a wild one that will surprise you at every turn. It might look intimidating at first but you know it’s the journey you want to take and I cannot wait for you to try it on 4th September.

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