Destiny 2: Forsaken launches today on PS4

Hey it’s DeeJ from Bungie here on the eve of a brand-new adventure in the world of Destiny. We’re so excited for you all to experience what we’ve created in Forsaken. You have a whole gang of new enemies to fight, and some deeply personal motivation to take them down. The hunt begins from today, 4th September.

We’ve loaded a lot of new things for you to experience on your journey. The Scorn are the most aggressive enemy we’ve ever created for you to fight. You’ll have a whole new arsenal of weapons to earn, customise, and equip in some surprising ways.

We’re giving you a lot more freedom to configure your Guardian to be a true reflection of your personality and your fighting style. There are also nine new super attacks to master – that’s three for each class of Guardian.

Once you’ve defeated the Barons, a whole new endgame destination opens up in the form of the Dreaming City, a place of mysteries, challenges, and the best rewards the game has to offer.

The second year of Destiny 2 begins with Forsaken. This promises to be a transformative moment. We’ve invested deeply in giving you new ways to track your hobby as a warrior of the light. Check out all the new systems that will let you collect gear, track your triumphs, and learn more about the world you’re exploring along the way.

Forsaken begins the Season of the Outlaw. Many more will follow. Every player of Destiny 2 will be invited to experience special events and updates to the game. We have a lot planned for the year to come.

But it all starts down a path to avenge Cayde-6.

We hope you’ll join us.

DeeJ, out.

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