How the community’s thirst for horror shaped Rec Room’s new co-op quest, out today on PS4

Hey everyone! This is Shawn from Against Gravity, makers of Rec Room. We launched Rec Room on PlayStation in November 2017 and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has joined the community since then and helped us out with excellent feedback!

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest quest – Crescendo of the Blood Moon.

Rec Room quests are three to four person dungeon crawls / adventures where players must advance through increasingly difficult levels and work together to defeat swarms of enemies, puzzles, and bosses.

Grab a whip and join a group of Rec Room friends for this epic quest to slay a legendary vampire and restore peace to the land. In Crescendo of the Blood Moon you’ll journey to the historical side of the Rec Room campus in a campaign spanning 9 new levels.

The primary weapon in this quest will be your trusty whip! Use your whip to swing and traverse to new locations, interact with the environment, and even pick up items.

You can also stash your whip on your hip for safekeeping and equip other large weapons on your back, like the shovel or blunderbuss.

The maximum group size for Crescendo of the Blood Moon is three players, but if you’re feeling bold you can complete it with a group of two or even attempt a solo expedition.

Rec Room

At the beginning of the year we added the ability for players to create their own games and experiences inside Rec Room using our creative tools and then share those rooms with the community.

Some player rooms have started to gather huge followings, becoming even more popular than our first party games.

We noticed some players were making really interesting rooms with horror and escape room themes, so we started looking into what a darker and more moody Rec Room quest might look like. We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in game!

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