SOMA and Onrush are your PlayStation Plus games for December

Wow, 2018 was something, huh? From Shadow of the Colossus back in January, through to God of War in May, Marvel’s Spider-man in September and Astro Bot Rescue Mission just last month it’s been quite the year on PlayStation.

We’ll be recapping all that and more in the coming month, so stick around for that. In the meantime, another month means another batch of brand-new PS Plus titles. So, without further ado, let’s start unwrapping!

The following titles join the service on 4th December:


Those familiar with the work of Frictional Games should already be perched comfortably on the edge of their seats (or somewhere behind their sofa) for this one.

A follow-up to the sensationally scary Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA is one part brooding existential sci-fi, one part nail-biting cat-and-mouse adventure. It manages to not only excel in the hide-and-seek horror genre its creators popularised, but go way beyond it.

You’ll find yourself transported to a dilapidated industrial facility following an experimental new treatment for a head injury. Surrounded by deranged machinery and with only a mysterious voice on the intercom to guide you, it’s up to you to unravel the mystery of how you wound up there – and how to get back home.


You’ve tried racing, you’ve tried car combat, but have you ever tried to do both while boosting at breakneck speeds across wildly uneven off-road terrain? No? Well, now is your moment.

From the twisted minds behind the hugely successful MotorStorm series, Onrush delivers a lightning-paced arcade racing experience that puts as much emphasis on trashing your opponents as overtaking them.

All of this is dialled up to 11 with the addition of huge stunt ramps and masses of verticality that vaults your motor hundreds of feet in the sky, only to come crashing down on your opponents like a four-wheeled wrecking ball.

Take all of this online and you’ll be trading paint with up to 11 other unruly racers across four competitive modes and tearing your way up the leader boards in the process.

Anything else?

As usual, we’ll be adding in two games apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita, leaving the final line-up looking like this:

All the above will be available to download on 4th December. Until then, you still have few days left to pick up any of last month’s games you might have missed.

And that’s it – we’ll be back next month with more. In the meantime, let us know how you get on with this month’s titles over on Twitter and Facebook.

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