Inside My Radio Review

Inside my Radio is the Guitar Hero of the platform genre as this rhythm driven game overloads your senses and attacks your coordination as button presses in a set order allowing you to move along to the music as you climb, dash, bash and smash your way through this puzzle laden game to the beat of electro music as coloured lights splash across the screen in a mesmerizing way.

My musical talent is low, very low, like not even being in control of the triangle incompetent but I’ve managed to at least struggle through a few Guitar Hero songs on medium so this should be easy right, sort off.. You play as a headphone’d equipped green cube or as I’ve found out a LED after being sucked into a boom-box (for all you non 90’s kids it’s like a iPod, 100 times bigger that you have to put cassettes into to play music).

The electro music you play along to is actually really good but needs to be considering the type of game it is, the way you move your character through the level and puzzles is easy enough but can get quite complicated, confusing and frustrating in certain parts that don’t really offer any guidance on how to proceed.

Saying that it is a puzzle game and should be a challenge which i guess it is, when you do get the hang of a certain area and proceed it is a good feeling. It’s just a strange and unusual way to control a character in a platform game but being different isn’t a bad thing you just need to get used to it and once you do it’s a very enjoyable experience.

The visual experience is a real kaleidoscope of colour as the beat and tempo changes different colours and shapes form, explode and dance their way across the screen in an extremely beautiful harmony until you miss press a button sequence or die then a nasty audible feedback noise shoots through the speakers. Combining the sound and visual experience together with the buttons you must press to keep up with and interact with, is what makes this game a true great, the experience is fantastic and done exquisitely well.

Most levels end with a puzzle to collect four yellow cubes to activate the next path and as you progress you have the ability to interact with and experience new characters. This brings new genres of music like seventies disco, rock/punk and more. You also need to be able to complete button prompts to complete intricate audio sequences and epic boss battles.

Saying all that the game still has some truly frustrating areas that take a lot of timing and patience, especially as the button presses seem easy most of the time but when you need quick responses I personally find it an unnaturally difficult experience but it doesn’t distract you from this fantastic game. I can easily give this 8/10, it’s got enough of a challenge to push you, gameplay to keep you interested with an audio and visual backdrop to immerse you.. maybe it’s hypnotised me, wait.. what day is it.

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