Gunman Clive HD Collection Review

Gunman Clive HD Collection Review

Gunman Clive is a side-scrolling action video game developed and published by Swedish indie video game development studio Hörberg Productions. It was first released for Android on 2 April 2012 and follows a lone gunslinger in a futuristic Wild West as he tries to save the mayor’s daughter from a group of technologically well-armed bandits.

His first adventure was acclaimed as a great portable shooter at a very decent price; the game became a darling on the 3DS indie scene for a lot of people, me included when it sold over 250,000 copies. The collection grew with the second entry, which takes Clive around the world to chase after the leader of the bandits from the first game. So you Jump and shoot your way across diverse and challenging levels and fight massive bosses.

This HD collection is the accumulation of the developer’s work, putting Gunman Clive 1 & 2 together with enhanced graphics (1080p resolution running at 60fps), but is it worth a revisit or a visit in the first place?

Gunman Clive HD Collection Review

Have you ever played Sunset Riders, the old Konami arcade shooter, or Contra even? Gunman Clive is similar to those. Basically it is a 2D side scrolling shooting game. But remember, these are just the same as the old 3DS games, just with crisper graphics, that’s worth keeping in mind!

The stories are about kidnappings, nothing earth shattering, but fine and fitting for the rooting tooting Wild West! The player controls Gunman Clive a pencil-drawn cowboy as he fights different sets of enemies across 16 levels which progress and add difficulty by each level. The player has to traverse along a 2D platformer filled with moving platforms, traps and enemies. Shooting is a huge emphasis in the game, and the player can pick up specialized weapon such as a spread shot, explosive bullets, and even a laser gun.

What it does with it’s gameplay it does well, very well in fact, like a classic Mega Man game. It’s stripped back simple style works well. I would definitely say this one is for the nostalgia fans, I don’t imagine younger fan enjoying stripped back visuals and stiff gameplay (yes this can be a hard game). While there are horses and various chase sequences in the game, there is not too much variety or replay ability in general. I thought they were both fine for what they were, enjoyable, old school 2 side scrolling shooters, with unique and simple graphics for an amazing price point.

Gunman Clive HD Collection Review

I never actually played the second game, until I got this HD collection. It is more of the same with added madness over all, adding pandas and dinosaurs to the mix. It adds more, but remains true to the first game and remains a quality product. I liked it just as much and thought it was a worthwhile addition though not game changing.

If you put both these games together, shine up the graphics and change less than four pounds for both, what do you get? Easy, an offer that is really hard to refuse! While they are just HD remakes, they are worth a double dip! Gunman Clive HD Collection is a solid fun little package which gets a solid recommendation from me!

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