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Smite is a third person, MOBA title which truly excels in terms of online gaming. HI-REZ studios produced and published this title and it has been recently released on a number of different platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One and now the Switch. After my first encounter with this game, I was truly engrossed in the amount of detail put into this title. Before you can really get into the world of SMITE, you are required to complete the tutorial which included a number of different stages. Usually I find this sort of thing tedious, however it really gave me the opportunity to get to know the key strategies for this game, and I really did enjoy it.

Throughout the tutorial I was introduced to a number of different obstacles, including enemy followers, enemy towers, phoenixes and gods, which I had to observe and tackle before moving on to any other stage in the tutorial. Personally this was very helpful, as you can understand the way the game modes work, and it also gives you the opportunity to really have an insight to the 3D, third person perspective, which many MOBA titles have failed to deliver in the past. Personally, this was one of my favourite features, and made the experience a whole lot more entertaining.

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SMITE includes four different game modes to explore, including Versus, COOP Vs AI, Custom match and training. Each of these modes will be available to you once the tutorial is complete. Throughout each of the game modes, you will be accompanied by a number of different gods, who will each play as an ally during a match of your choice. You can set up online parties so you and your friends can team up and conquer the gods together. Your allies will help you to defeat any opponents or enemy towers, guiding you to success. During a match your god of choice will rewarded experience points, which you can use to unlock a number of powerful abilities which you can use to execute your enemies. Different types of god are available to you in SMITE, including Assassins, Guardians, Hunters, Mages and Warriors. SMITE also gives you access to an item store, which allows you to purchase relics and consumables for you to use during a match, as you may need to restore your health, or increase your mana level from time to time.

During my experience with SMITE, I discovered two different map locations which I particularly enjoyed, including the arena and the jungle. The arena is definitely the most immersive, expansive battle arena in SMITE. Your main objective is to kill as many enemy minions and gods as possible and reduce the ticket amount to win the game. I played this game mode numerous times and as this was my first experience playing a MOBA title, I came to grips with the overall strategy of the game and learnt a lot about the genre as a whole very quickly. I would definitely recommend SMITE to anyone who is looking to explore the realm of MOBA gaming for the first time.

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As well as SMITE being extremely interactive and fun to play, the visuals also play a huge part in this title. Each location introduces you to a bright and bold environment, with colourful aesthetics and a very artistic outlook on a fantasy based domain. SMITE is also accompanied by triumphant music throughout which really does compliment the gameplay and is well suited to the genre. One of my favourite features in terms of audio has to be the little victory dance your god performs after winning a battle. It really does apply a quirky edge to a title such as this.

SMITE also includes a bunch of additional content, such as a market place where you can purchase new items to help you succeed in battles, or a new god with over 70 to choose from in total. A reward centre is also available, which is a personal favourite of mine in terms of extra content, and a weekly quest which also offers a lot more in terms of additional gameplay.

Overall SMITE has excelled in terms of online gaming and has definitely encouraged me to explore this genre more. Very interactive, very entertaining and definitely a game I will come back to in the near future.

Rating 8

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