First look at Concrete Genie’s new story trailer

Hello again! Dom Robilliard, Creative Director from Pixelopus here with a brand new trailer for Concrete Genie.

This is the first time we’ve provided a glimpse of Ash’s heartwarming story in the game. He’s a bullied kid, who despite the tough time he’s having, is determined to use the power of creativity to make the world a better place. His hometown of Denska-a once-bustling seaside town – has been polluted by a mysterious Darkness, and it’s up to Ash to paint the town back to life.

Be sure to check out the trailer and stick around to the very end!

You’ll notice in the trailer that Ash discovers a magical paintbrush charged with Living Paint, capable of creating fantastical living landscapes and mischievous creatures we call Genies. Each piece of art created in the game will be unique and personal to you, and you can paint on any wall in the game so each players’ version of Denska will be totally different.

You’ll develop special bonds with the variety of Genies you create and in return, they will help Ash solve puzzles and gain new abilities on your quest to restore Denska. We’ve invested so much effort into making these mechanics easy and intuitive for players to express themselves.

We’ve had the opportunity to demo Concrete Genie at events around the globe and have been blown away by the response to gameplay so far.

Along with our new story trailer, we also have a surprise for everyone – all editions of Concrete Genie will include two PlayStation VR modes* in addition to the core PS4 game!

When we began making Concrete Genie, it always felt like the Living Paint mechanics would be a great fit for an immersive, first-person painting experience. When we showed the game to some old friends, Jeff Brown and Dave Smith – they came up with an incredible idea for how to take it to a whole new level in PSVR.

It was such a compelling pitch that we decided to build a team around them, right next to us in PlayStation HQ so they could create it alongside us. We are absolutely thrilled with how this part of the game has come together and you’ll be hearing more about these two modes soon.

Concrete Genie will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 this autumn. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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