Action horror Immortal Legacy: Jade Cipher is out on PS VR

Hello there, my name is Yao, CEO of Vivagames, developers of Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher. We are a relatively small studio based in Beijing, and though this is only our second title (and our first VR title), we have a very talented, passionate and experienced team of creators here.

We are also very passionate about Chinese culture and sharing the folklore of our people with the world. As you are probably aware, New Year is a big event in China. What you might not have know are the stories that surround it.

Immortal Legacy Immortal LegacyImmortal Legacy

In one such story, it is said that long ago there was a beast called Ksi” (夕). As each year waned, the beast would unleash itself upon the world, causing chaos and destruction. The gods, however, passed down a secret to humanity – one that allowed them to defend themselves against this fearsome creature: the beast feared the colour red and loud noises. Hence, why on the last night of every year, we set off firecrackers and fireworks to drive it away.

The story of Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher is inspired by this story as well as other Chinese legends. In our story, Ksi” (夕) is an emperor who, having conquered space, yearns to conquer time as well. He seeks immortality and is willing to do anything to attain it – even sacrifice his own people.

Immortal Legacy Immortal LegacyImmortal Legacy

That search for immortality is just one of several things that draws you to Yingzhou Island, located deep in the Dragon’s Triangle. Playing as ex-special forces soldier Tyre, you’ll also be looking to discover the truth behind your mother’s mysterious death. Finding out how that event and her enigmatic past are tied to islands secrets will require you to battle through not only a mercenary army sent in to excavate it, but also the horrors they’ve unwittingly unleashed.

Descend into the unknown and uncover the secret of immortality in this immersive PS VR blockbuster, out now on PS4. You can find out more about the game here.

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