Deal or No Deal Game Review

The popular TV gameshow Deal or No Deal may no longer appear on British screens, having finished in December 2016 after over 3,000 episodes – but its popularity lives on. Online, you can relive all the tension and tough decisions with a selection of Deal or No Deal games.

If you’re new to the show, where have you been? Each episode saw one lucky contestant whittle 22 boxes down to two, while negotiating the mysterious Banker’s monetary offers along the way. With the smallest winnable amount available 1p and the highest a life-changing £250,000, players needed to be lucky and shrewd in their attempts to not only beat the banker but as Noel Edmonds quite often put it, “Spank the Banker”.

As we mentioned there are plenty of Deal or No Deal games available at online casinos, and here we take a look at the original game by Endemol. So, if you’re feeling lucky, pick your box and play on.


The first thing you’ll notice is how similar the game’s interface is to the TV show and the graphics are incredible. You’ll see the 26 numbered boxes in the middle of your screen, with the studio as the backdrop. Either side of the panels are the monetary values of each box – the lesser blue amounts on the left, and those higher red amounts you’re aiming for, on the right. You’ll also notice the iconic black telephone with the Deal or No Deal logo – ready for the Banker to contact you with his offers throughout the game.

The smallest stake you can wager is 50p, with the highest £100. The game is automatically set at a £5 stake, but you can set your total bet by using the plus and minus buttons. The value of each box varies, depending on your original wager – with the smallest box worth 1p with a 50p stake and £2 with a £100 stake. Of course, you’re aiming to have one of the ‘Power Five’ in your box and the highest box could be worth up to £1,000! The Deal or No Deal game has an RTP (return to player) of 95.46%, which is average.

Begin by selecting your lucky box – any number from 1 to 26. That’s the one (and only) difference between the TV show and the game. In the popular programme, there were 22 boxes and cash prizes, but in this game, there are 26.

If time isn’t on your side, press ‘quick pick’ and boxes will be automatically removed at random. If not, select the boxes you’d like to remove. Much like the TV show, the first round sees six boxes removed before the telephone rings and the Banker gives you an offer. Select Deal or No Deal and if it’s the latter, play on – this time removing five boxes. The third round sees another five boxes removed, before the fourth removes four. If you’re still playing on at this stage, take away another three boxes – leaving you with two. Will you go home with the money in your box or whatever’s left on the table? It’s the risk you’ll have to take if you aren’t happy with what the Banker offers you.

If you loved watching the gameshow and always dreamed of playing alongside Edmonds, this game is ideal for you. It perfectly emulates the experience of being a contestant on Deal or No Deal through its graphics, audio and gameplay. If you find the RTP too low, check out Deal or No Deal: Go All the Way which combines the popular show with a classic fruit machine. It has an RTP of 97.36%. But in this online battle of wits, will you beat the Banker?

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