What are the UK’s Online Casinos Doing to Improve Multiplayer Gameplay on their Platforms?

Multiplayer gameplay has revolutionised gaming, becoming the most anticipated element of many of the biggest releases, including the delayed online components of Red Dead Redemption 2. The multiplayer elements give extra meaning and longevity to the game, with the competition against other real people being very appealing to many gamers.

On a platform of gaming that’s so competitive with its brands constantly looking for innovative ways to appeal to players, it should come as no surprise that many online casinos have been experimenting with multiplayer elements. In fact, some of the best have incorporated new ways for players to compete against each other within their most popular games as well as bring extra attention to multiplayer games.

All-in to competing in a different form of multiplayer gaming

Most multiplayer game modes follow a similar system of tiers, competing against other individuals or teams, and gaining rewards. While some games will buck this trend, casino games have to go down a different route as the fundamental gameplay within the likes of slots, blackjack, and roulette is inherently different to that of most video games.

The online casino industry is clearly hugely popular, with the remote sector garnering £5.6 billion in total gross gambling yield last year alone, per gamblingcommission.gov.uk, so any multiplayer elements that heighten the experience and add a level of competition were always bound to be appealing to gamers. This is why many UK online casinos have incorporated progressive jackpots into their most popular games. Now, anyone playing one of a certain selection of slot games is also playing against other spinners in an attempt to claim a jackpot prize. The multiplayer feature links jackpot payouts directly to the amount of money in a prize pool. Everyone in the game will be playing as they normally would, but in addition, they are competing to be the one that triggers the massive drop.

Of course, multiplayer has been a core feature of many of the most popular gambling games, particularly those that have successfully transitioned to the online space. Poker is the most glaring example as it’s a game that’s wholly based on out-thinking and outplaying other human opponents. Perhaps in the past you could have argued that online casino diminished the multiplayer aspect of the game, as in early versions, poker aficionados would simply have been competing against the computer. But to enhance the multiplayer aspect is always buzzing and full of players looking to compete, online casinos like Poker Online now offer live casino, allowing people at their desks or even on their mobiles to see the dealer and to compete against human players in other locations, connected via the internet. Offering gaming through their accessible platforms with mobile apps, loyalty bonuses for regular players, and big-money events, the virtual poker tables are always filled with gamers, and there’s a continuous effort to improve these multiplayer options, too.

Through the use of daily jackpots and massive progressive jackpots, UK online casinos are establishing multiplayer gameplay elements that have become staples of other gaming platforms.

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