Why You Need to Pass Microsoft 70-778 Exam and How You Can Prepare using Exam Dumps


Enterprises need professionals who can perform tasks such as data visualization, analysis and modeling. To qualify, you will need expert skills in these areas, that’s Microsoft – a leading IT vendor offers you a chance to develop your skills through its test 70-778 by code. Study this post to get more info about why this assessment is what you need to start your journey towards becoming a data analyst. So, let’s begin by going through the details of this exam.

Exam 70-778 Details

Those taking Microsoft 70-778 exam dumps test already know how to use Power BI for Microsoft in performing data analysis and visualization. However, they also must know how to configure dashboards while utilizing the service for the Power BI. Another area targeted by the exam is using Microsoft Excel to implement data analysis. The overall goal to sit for 70-778 is to earn the MCSA certification in BI Reporting. Still, to fully meet the badge requirements, one needs to get through one more assessment, which is 70-779 with the focus on analyzing data using Microsoft Excel. Earning this above-mentioned credential will present you as a professional ready to carry out your responsibility as a data analyst. 

Since 70-778 is an MCSA test, you’re going to meet 40-60 questions to be cleared in 120 minutes. The types of questions you’ll get in the paper may include active screen, mark review, build list, multiple-choice, case study, and active screen among the rest. The grade needed to get certified is 700 points out of 1000. Every candidate intending to sit for the test has to pay the fee of $165 visit Microsoft Certification Dumps.

As you prepare for this BI Reporting certification test, it’s good to be well-informed of the value that passing this exam will bring you. This is what we cover next.

Reasons to Take 70-778

Today’s world of IT is advanced and thus requires the utilization of the latest technologies to carry out the majority of the tasks. And due to business competition, there’s a need to use BI reporting which is the leading tool utilized by plenty of organizations. By passing 70-778, you’ll be one step closer to the MCSA credential. And these are the benefits that will come your way once you do well in both assessments and become MCSA accredited in BI Reporting.

  • Gaining advanced skills

The exam enables you to update your current skills and become an employee who is respected by the boss as well as those working with you. Some of the skills to gain through 70-778 include data cleansing, data optimization, performing transactions, creating calculated columns, and measuring performance. You will also be in a position to use Power BI Desktop to consume and transform data.

  • Validation from an IT giant

The purpose of any credential is to validate the skills you have. Succeeding inMicrosoft 70-778 will, therefore, you prove your data analysis skills. And since the certification you’ll get after fulfilling all the requirements is from Microsoft, a prestigious vendor, it’s going to be an essential addition to your resume. This will be important when applying for a job and when going through interviews.

  • Attractive pay

Employers will be keen to have you as an important employee in their firms. And this is why they will pay you a good salary that you are not going to resist. The average you will be earning annually as a data analyst, as ZipRecruiter claims, is $67,025. 

  • Job security

Attaining job security in the world of IT can be a little difficult. This happens because it keeps evolving with a demand for newer skills coming up every other time. To remain useful to your employer, you need to keep updating your skills. With a Microsoft credential, this will be possible cause this badge vendor is always updating its training and certification program to match with new market requirements. 

  • Promotions

The competency to perform advanced tasks comes as a result of succeeding in test 70-778 and moving toward acquiring the Microsoft badge in BI Reporting. You will even be able to perform duties that go beyond what you are doing currently. And when a chance for promotion occurs, you will be considered as the first person to fit in that position. Also acquiring the BI reporting credential takes you closer to the Microsoft expert-level badge in Data Management and Analytics. And with this, additional career opportunities will be available to you.

Nevertheless, you can only enjoy these benefits if you use proper materials to study for 70-778. This is the next thing we will be discussing. 

Best Prep Materials for 70-778

How you prepare for the exam will determine how proficiently you will perform in the main one. The resources below can serve you well during assessment 70-778 preparation. Microsoft offers these options to get ready for your 70-778 test:

  • Analyzing Data with Power BI instructor-led course;
  • Visualizing and Analyzing Data with Power BI online training;
  • Exam Ref 70-778 book.

Taking any of the above-mentioned courses will be helpful in going deeper into the objectives of the test and candidates can also use the book offered by Microsoft to complement their learning. However, using these approaches alone may not be sufficient. You need to use the Exam-labs.com to get the best exam dumps for practicing. The good thing is that this platform has the necessary materials needed to maximize your prep. One of them is the 70-778 Premium Bundle solely created to ensure that you access a helpful study guide, past exam questions with expert-verified answers, and a video course with multiple lectures. This package is obtainable at $59.99. What’s more you can opt for free and updated exam dumps that are uploaded by the recent examinees. Just check the provider’s page and get access to the free dumps NOW.

It is to be noted that practicing with the Exam-labs.com exam dumps needs the ETE Software that brings about the environment of the actual test you’re to take later. This makes it easier for you to understand the features and the expectations of this Microsoft exam. 


The Microsoft exam with code 70-778 is critical in determining how fast you attain the MCSA badge in BI Reporting. Thus, preparing well for this test is vital. The Exam-labs.com with its actual and reliable exam dumps, a video course, instructor-led course, and study guide are what will take you there. Enjoying the benefits of clearing the test and gaining the certification begin from somewhere. Take your career a notch higher by making passing your 70-778 assessment a priority!

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