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Let’s Talk About: The Hype Train

Ever been disappointed because a game just isn't as good as everyone said it was before it came out?

Pokemon Monopoly Coming Soon

Monopoly heading towards the Kanto Region

From FIFA to PES, it all started somewhere…

Where did it begin for you?

Last-Gen, Best-Gen?

Was the last the best?

Classic Gaming – F-Zero GX‏

The Games that you absolutely have to play.

Remember to catch the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct tonight!

Catch it tonight at 8 PM PST and 11 PM EST.

UK Video Game Charts (All Format) Week ending 26 July 2014

Watch Dogs remains at the top.

Collecting Games

Are game collections a thing of the past, or a thing of the future?

Dear Ubisoft, I Already Have a Job

Busy work.

Are Review Sites Pandering to Nintendo

Underhand Tactics At Work!