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Space Farmers Review

Space Farmers is a colourful and inventive two player co-op puzzle 'em up!

Shadow Warrior Review

Lo Wang is on a mission, and it involves ass kicking and sword fighting

The Last Tinker: City of Colours Review

Use color and emotion to restore life to Colortown!

Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers Review‏

Joker in the pack?

Diablo 3: There and Back Again

Keep on griding and looting, my friends.

Max Gentlemen Review

Stacking hats anyone!

Football Manager 2014 Review

The Beautiful Game........

Shovel Knight Review

A tiny knight wielding a huge spade.

Vessel Review

Satisfying, fluid-based puzzles that occasionally spring a leak.

Master Reboot Review

Welcome to the Soul Cloud!