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Mario Kart 8 Review

Let's go racing boys and girls!

LocoCycle Review


Race the Sun Review

A chilled-out version of WipEout!

Fuel Overdose Review

The problem with Fuel Overdose is that it is hampered by a series of energy depleting issues that take the enjoyment out of the game.

F1 2012 – PC Review

F1 2012 is a fantastic game.

Dirt Showdown – PC Review

Dirt Showdown overall is a pretty slick game.

Asphalt Injection – PS Vita Review

There really is no story to speak of with Asphault Injection it's pretty much an arcade racer at heart.

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage – PC Review

Death Rally + Interstate 76 X Burnout = this low budget surprise

Fireburst – PC Review

Switch off your brain, turn up the rock, and go explode some cars, dudebro.

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited – Xbox 360 Review

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.