Star Wars: Battlefront Review

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It’s been long awaited in high anticipation by near enough all gamers, but at last the new and improved Star Wars: Battlefront has arrived in stores.

Having played the game for just over 20 hours so far, it is clear that it’s very captivating in its content. The theme itself is enough to keep anyone interested – Star Wars! I still even find myself now subconsciously humming along to the music as I play. The advert certainly captured the selling point. It really does feel like you’ve been dropped in the much loved films where the outcome of the war really is in your hands.

There is no doubt about it, the game is stunning. It is one of, if not the most graphically refined game on consoles to date. The attention to detail is simply incredible. Whether that be the crisp detail of an X-Wing to the sharp edges of an icicle on Hoth.

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The game modes vary from the classic ‘Team Deathmatch’ style, objective based game modes and hero battles. There is even a ship flying mode which usually involves all round air chaos as you fight the enemy team. These game modes are good because they offer something for everyone, however once you have found the ones you like you tend to stick with just that selected few.

A lot of these game types involve getting ‘pick ups’. These are new ways of getting special weapons and upgrades. At first it did remind me a bit of Mario Kart and I didn’t see the real relevance. But in time, I warmed up to it and it seems to work nicely and adds more variety to the game.

Another feature implemented into selected game types is the chance to pick up a ‘hero pickup’. Spawning randomly on the map, a hero pickup allows you to play as your favourite hero from either the Rebels or the Empire, depending on which side you’re on. The only issue with this is that you only have a choice of three. Luke, Han and Leia for the Rebels and Darth Vader, The Emperor and Boba Fett for the Empire. Don’t get me wrong, they are great to play as, but it would have been nice to have more choice. I hope this is something they bring in future updates.

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Planets are an issue for me as well. There are four to play on – Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and Sullust. They are good to play on but I just wish there were more! After one hour of multiplayer, the chances are you have seen every map as they just come in different variations. What we have is good, we just need more places to experience it!

The multiplayer is the key selling point for me with this game. Other game modes include side missions and small AI battles. But with multiplayer, you can get the full 20 vs 20 experience of pure awesomeness where pretty much anything can happen. From coming round a corner to face Vader, to dodging a suicidal A-Wing – it really is madness.

What you have to understand with Battlefront is that it’s not a game you should play as a serious shooter because it isn’t that by any means. It’s a game that is fun. Fun in the way that you’re playing out your childhood fantasies, fun in the way that stormtroopers can’t aim on survival, and fun in the way that if an Ewok drops a rock on your head, you get an achivement. The game is already visually stunning and great to play, but a bit more of what we already have would have pushed the game even further for me.

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