Blast ’em Bunnies Super Mega Bundle Review

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Blast ‘Em Bunnies is a wave based shooter from developer Nnooo and is available as a deluxe package with all the extra DLC. If you are even considering buying this game, then I wouldn’t bother with getting the extra content as the game doesn’t offer enough to make you want to replay it over and over.

The game sees you controlling a turret that swivels 360 degrees whilst firing a range of projectiles at oncoming waves of rabbits. The turret can’t move around the environment and you are limited to the simple 360-degree swivel.

The game starts out with a basic tutorial mode that walks you through the mechanics of the game. There’s no real plot to the game apart from knowing you are fighting off other rabbits that are invading your home. There are two main game modes that are pretty similar and in my opinion became repetitive very quickly. First up there’s Survival mode where you fight back against enemies and then there’s Slaughter mode where you defend against endless enemies.

The game has plenty of items to be unlocked with four different weapon types and health upgrades. These are purchased by collecting coins during gameplay. Slaughter mode is the most rewarding in terms of gathering loot so I recommend you jump into that first. The main objective is to defend your base from incoming enemies, that come in different types, whether they are larger or have the ability to fly for some reason.

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In total there are nine different types of enemy which does actually give the game some sense of variation. Enemies will drop coins as you shoot them, ranging from values of one to fifty, and you collect them by simply shooting them. The main difference between the enemies is the speed in which they move and what makes the game challenging is when the screen starts to fill up with multiple enemies. This becomes very frustrating at times due to the fact that the turret you control turns at a very slow rate. I also found that your weapon overheats far too easily and you have to shoot in very short bursts. The ratio between the amounts of enemies on screen and rate of fire doesn’t match up meaning that at times you simply cant fight back quick enough.

Collecting coins and purchasing unlockables isn’t the only thing to utilize during the game. You can also pick up boosts and upgrades during gameplay, in the form of wooden crates. The game does get incredibly challenging at times and these boosts are vital when it comes to blasting your way through waves of enemies.

The crates you pick up can provide you with a range of helpful items like different weapons, a magnet to draw in coins and other useful power-ups. I actually thought there were a decent selection of weapons that include things like a rapid-fire sweet potato gun and a leak laser. These actually felt fun and added some variation to the otherwise frustrating gameplay.

The game is all about collecting coins which you can use to unlock items and upgrades. You can unlock different weapons in the armoury like a turnip mortar, watermelon machine gun and runner bean laser. There is also a utilities section that has permanent bonuses like extra hearts and coin multipliers. You can even unlock different themes for arenas which include areas like deserts and fairgrounds. You can even unlock different types of bunnies that you have to face like zombies or ninjas. You can also access the achievements section that has a list of active missions that if completed reward you with coins.

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The presentation of the game has a quirky child-like tone with vibrant colours and cute characters. The graphics aren’t amazing by the characters themselves are well animated. The music is playful and upbeat but unfortunately like the gameplay it becomes tiresome pretty quickly. I enjoyed how the game does have a range of enemies, themes and weapons to choose from, but I can’t say the DLC is worth getting overall.

The gameplay is ok in short bursts but unfortunately I had to many issues with the overall experience that made me feel irritated. The enemies take too many hits to kill, the turret is slow and there are far too many enemies to handle at once. I also couldn’t quite understand what kind of audience the game is aimed at. The game has a cute and playful style with cartoon bunnies, which you then mindlessly mow down with machine guns. I have also heard that there are enemy rabbits that slit the throats of small bunnies, which I didn’t see expect for on the image on the intro screen.

Overall the game is ok in very short bursts and it has some nice variation to the enemies and weapons but there is too much getting in the way to make it an enjoyable experience. The controls feel slow and awkward, shooting doesn’t feel satisfying and it quickly becomes repetitive. The are some nice ideas here but they just haven’t been executed very well.

Rating 5

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