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Spheroids definitely gave me a lot of throwback memories to when I played this game on Miniclip called Bubble Trouble with my friends. We used to sneakily play it when we were supposed to be working (rebellious right?) and we had to pop the bubbles with our spike gun weapon without dying. This game is pretty much similar to Bubble Trouble, except with added extra special moves, items and the aim is to kill the monsters known as Spheroids and not bubbles. Nevertheless I was happy to play this game as it took me back to a lot of fun childhood memories!

Play as a jumpy Canadian boy called Lucas who goes on a crazy adventure in the cubic world with his scientist friend Otto after they found out that the government was hiding secrets about alternative universes. However, the bad news is these alternative universes have evil spheres that wish everything would be turned round so it’s up to Lucas and his trusted comrade to save the world from the dangerous Spheroids.

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There are 32 levels to play through and each have different environments and challenges to destroy various enemies and avoid dangerous hazards. You will face some weird Spheroid enemies, ones that split in half and go smaller and smaller until they can’t anymore and they eventually die and ones that try and squash you to death, so yeah everything is fine in the cubic world. Not.

The controls are pretty simple to grasp, move your character with the joystick or D-pad and as you progress through the game new actions will be added. The A button is jump, B is to fire your weapon, X is to grapple and swing whilst Y is to use anti-gravity to walk on the ceiling and reach high areas.

Make sure to collect as much of the yellow cubes as you can as they are the currency used in this game (equivalent to the coins in Mario and the rings in Sonic) which can be used at an old school looking arcade machine at the start of each level. When you go shopping you have the option to buy power-ups such as double hooks, extra health and shields. Navigate your way through the hazardous levels by hitting switches, avoid dropping floors and also teleportation platforms to send you to a different part of the game. If you do die (which I have done a lot) don’t fret, there are checkpoints that look like shower cubicles and these are definitely a life saver to have, don’t want to be starting right from the start again.

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The visuals for the game are very cute with the enemies being quite simple as they are just sphere shaped bouncing blobs. Lucas himself is adorable with his little woolly hat that bobs up and down even when you’re standing still. Depending on how far you progress through the game you will play through areas of Japan, Russia, Brazil and even Easter Island. The game is full of bright and vibrant colours which definitely makes it more appealing to play through and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The music is very upbeat (imagine xylophones and maracas) which suits the game well which is always a good choice. The only thing that I dislike in the area of the music is that when you go into the story area there is no music at all, dead silence. When this first happened I thought my game froze but then I saw that the text and characters are still moving so yeah it was just a little odd, I wasn’t used to the sudden lack of music.

Overall, the game was very fun and can definitely be completed in a day probably less and bought back a lot of fun and happy memories from my school days. Like I mentioned right at the beginning of the review it is worth investing your time in Spheroids as it is very similar to Bubble Trouble. It’s time for you and Lucas to save the cubic world from the spheroids.

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