Korix Review

Korix is a fantastic game. A mix of both real-time strategy and the increasingly popular tower defence genre, all bundled up and placed onto the PSVR. I will start off by saying that it is nowhere near as in-depth as other games in the genre but the simplicity of Korix is what makes it a real joy to grapple with.

You can play either using the DualShock 4 controller or by using one of the Move controllers. I highly recommend the Move controller. The DualShock is a bit clunky and doesn’t really work whereas the Move controller just makes the whole affair a lot easier. Plus, the on-screen Move controller is in the shape of a laser gun that looks a little bit like a Star Trek Phaser and that my friends, is pretty cool.

There are three different game modes in Korix: Campaign, Skirmish and Multiplayer. Each game mode centres around placing your base at one end of the map, mining and collecting ‘energy’ and that in turn allows you to purchase defences and of course your army. Building up your fortifications around your base is easy. Placing walls and then Laser turrets on top is pretty simple. It is very much a point and click affair that works really well with the move controller. Placing a wall or a turret allows you to move further up the map, placing more defences right up until the enemy base that can then be turned into attacking turrets.

The action ramps up in intensity pretty quickly. If you haven’t planned out where your defences are going to go you will be overrun very fast. I often found myself playing a level over and over figuring out the best combination of different defence turrets, positions of walls and maximizing my spending of energy to further my attacking needs. This was all in the first couple of levels by the way, I found Korix to be a pretty hard game. You are just dumped in at the deep end with no real explanation of what everything does, or the advantages and disadvantages of certain units. You have to figure it out by yourself but that, for me anyway, adds to the challenge.

Multiplayer is a riot. Playing with up to four players, a game can quickly turn into absolute mayhem. Fun, frantic unorganised chaos. Well I was pretty unorganised. I had my ass handed to me in every single game apart from one. A great little feature in multiplayer is that you can see other players floating masks, bobbing around as they work on their bases in the distant. This really makes you feel like you are with another person. You also don’t have to take on human opponents if you, like me, are useless at RTS games, you can team up with real people and take on the A.I. Multiplayer is where I think Korix really comes into its own. Even though I got absolutely thrashed every time, when you finally do beat someone, oh boy does it feel amazing!

Multiplayer is a riot. You can see other players floating masks that really makes you feel you are with another person. In multiplayer mode you can either team up and take on the A.I or you can play against each other. This is where I think Korix really comes into its own. I got absolutely thrashed every time I played against someone but when you finally do beat someone, oh boy does it feel amazing!

The visuals of Korix are pretty simple. I get a retro ‘Tron’ kind of vibe when playing Korix that I think works superbly. Although most of the soldier units and tanks are just blocks and shapes, this didn’t really take anything away from the experience. Sure a little bit of detail would have been nice but, the simple gameplay, with the simple graphics overall, makes for a clean and crisp experience. Sometimes simplicity really is best.

Korix works really well as a PSVR title. Intense combat with absolute ease of use (once you have figured everything out) really makes for rewarding gameplay. Finally smashing that base that you have tried over and over again to do is possibly one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever come across in gaming. Although being chucked in at the deep end can be a little daunting and off-putting, once you pick up the gist of things, you will be blowing up bases in no time. This with the added bonus of some intense and rewarding multiplayer really rounds off Korix well. A definite must if you own a PSVR.

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