GREEN Review

GREEN is a 2D puzzle platformer published by Studio Green, where you can shoot blocks off yourself to kill enemies and create platforms or barriers to clear stages. The aim of the game is to restore PINK’s memories by collecting green particles. The more particles you collect and the further you progress through the game, the more memories you unlock, allowing you to learn more of GREEN and PINK’s story. These memories come in the form of small cut scenes that contain quotes that appear to be said by PINK, allowing you as the player to piece together the story. The controls are simple to use so anyone can enjoy completing the 50 stages.

Players must complete each stage to unlock the next, projecting themselves to create platforms and kill enemies. Each level contains puzzles and obstacles and with the ability to create unlimited platforms allows you to solve each level the way you want to. As much as you’ll want to speed through each level, you should take your time to solve each little section of the platformer, as the game rewards you for playing it slowly. There are no checkpoints in the levels, so rushing often results in deaths, however the levels are quite short. There are 50 stages in total with every tenth being a boss battle. Each Boss is unique and has its own standard attack pattern. This makes the bosses varied, but after observing them for a while their movements can become predictable. You must hit the boss 5 times to defeat it, which can feel quite long and repetitive, especially if you died during battle. Going out of your way to collect as many green particles as you can, rewards you with extra lives and completion status.

As well as the standard story mode, GREEN allows you to play in level select mode, co-op mode or versus mode. The variety of modes allows the player to experience the game in more ways than one, creating great replay value. In level select mode, players can choose from any of the 50 stages that they have already passed. Levels that are 100% are represented by PINK, those who are not are represented by GREEN. When selecting a level to play you are thrown back into story mode from the point you have selected.

Co-Op mode can be played through the main menu or switched to instantly in the pause menu of story mode allowing both players complete the level together playing as GREEN and PINK without taking you out of the story. Work together to progress through the levels and help each other out of tricky situations. However, if one player dies so does the other and platforms placed by one person can be broken by both players so be patient and wait for your teammate.  One minor thing I noticed was that player two could pause the game but had no control over the pause screen, only player one did. Other than this, Co-Op mode is great fun for all ages and allows you to enjoy GREEN with friends and family.

Versus mode is a mini 1v1 zone where players have the chance to practice their projection abilities to be the last one standing. This mode lacked a lot of aspects that make a versus mode, such as a score system and suspense. There was no true feeling of being against the other player and needing to achieve, so it all seemed a little pointless. When initially seeing that there was a versus mode, I was to race against a friend on split screen to see who could complete the level first. Instead I was left with a lacklustre practice area.

The controls of the game are simple and easy to understand. The Nintendo Switch’s versatile gaming styles allows the player to use one Joy-Con, a set or a pro controller, as well as allowing them to play the game in handheld mode. As you can play with one Joy-Con it makes Co-Op and Versus mode, simple and inexpensive as you’d already have two controllers.  Due to GREEN’s slime-like appearance, he has a squishy sliding animation when moving which can sometimes lead to missteps. This animation also effects the character in a strange way when landing and jumping, on or off moving blocks, as you seem to gather some of the platforms momentum.  This can lead to unnecessary deaths which can be frustrating due to the non-existent checkpoints.

The graphics of GREEN are beautiful and reflective of arcade games, bringing pixels and squares. Everything in-game is represented by squares, from the leaves on the trees to the enemies you fight. The colours of PINK and GREEN contrast each other and are heavily used throughout the game. All the colours used are bright and vibrant and the accents of twinkling lights bordering the stages, compliment the music style.

The music of GREEN is a harmony of xylophones and electronic sounds, creating a music box, lullaby like feeling. This contrast the puzzles and enemies but compliments the way to play the game slow and steady. This love filled music reflects the relationship between the two characters, PINK and GREEN. However, the more memories you unlock, the more twisted and sorrow-filled the music becomes, harmonising the mood of the game. Classic arcade style sound effects are used for jumping, destroying platforms, defeating enemies and collecting green particles, creating a sense of nostalgia.

Overall, GREEN is a 2D puzzle platformer that is simple and fun to play. Play to unlock the story of GREEN and PINK and help restore PINK’s memories. The levels are interesting and challenging to play whilst also being playable for casual gamers. GREEN can be enjoyed by one player or two due to its co-op mode. However, its versus mode needs a lot of work. The graphics and music are reminiscent of classic arcade games with a modern twist, that harmonise with the game’s theme and mood set. Remember to take your time whilst playing, as the game punishes you for rushing and rewards you for strategising and puzzle solving.


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