Five Nights at Freddy’s – Can You Survive All Five?


Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Here, kids and parents alike come for entertainment and spend the day enjoying food as much as they can stuff in their bellies. But at night, things aren’t as dreamy as the day. The very animatronics that dances and sing turn into vicious, homicidal robots that just want one thing… you, dead! And you have five nights to survive. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game that gets you in the skin of either a watchman or a technician (depending on which sequel you’re playing). As a watchman, you need to interact with your environment, check cameras and ensure that you survive until morning. And if you need to survive, that means something is coming to kill you! That’s exactly what happens. Animatronics roam free at night and will come after you.

Using the cameras, shutting down vents and doors plus making diversion noise increases your chance of survival. Five Nights at Freddy’s has been considered one of the scariest games around, thanks to its jump scares! At first look, it might look like an indie game without any real plot or motive behind. But the game franchise does have a story behind, one more sinister than the game…

Players may know the story by paying attention to particular newspaper cuttings and other in-game details. William Afton is the patriarch and owner of Fazbear Pizzeria. He enjoys designing and populating his restaurants with animatronics. But little did people know that he was a serial killer and designed animatronics to kill children at the pizzeria. 

William had two sons and a daughter. Despite his endless warnings of staying away from the animatronics, his daughter Elizabeth was lured and killed. His younger son witnessed the murder and began fearing his father and animatronics since then. The older son was Michael Afton, who started to bully his younger brother for his fears, eventually leading to the latter’s death by the hands of the animatronics as well. The pizzeria is shut down after these events.

Years later, William Afton continues his carnage, killing four more kids, after opening a new pizzeria. He stuffs their bodies in the animatronics. Their tormented spirits possessed each of the animatronics that inhabited the pizzeria. The premises shut down because parents report foul odour coming from the robots.  

A new Freddy Fazbear’s pizza opens years, that alerts William. The low budget of the pizzeria forces the owners to use the old animatronics, unknown to them that it contains the body of the children. William attempts to dismantle the animatronics to hide his crimes but in doing so, he releases the spirits of the children. In trying to hide from the tormented souls, he hides in an old animatronic suit. But things turn out wrong for him when the suit snaps shut and impales him inside. It’s not the end… no! William returns as Springtrap, and proceeds to continue his favourite pass time in the afterlife as well. 

Soon, Michael realises the crimes of his father and decides to stop him and lay the souls of the kids at rest. With the help of William’s old business partner, he lures Springtrap and the other animatronics in the pizzeria and sets the building on fire. This is the end of the haunted animatronics as well as the Afton family. 

Five Night’s at Freddy’s have been considered one of the most frightening games of all times, thanks to the claustrophobic and jump scare ambient of the game. If that’s a game that’s too much to handle for you, you might want to try some more subtle horror games such as Halloween Jack Slot.

According to reports, a film adaption is in the works and might be released anytime next year. Maybe before the movie hits the theatres, another sequel of Five Nights at Freddy’s will come to our PC screens. After all, the story stretches through a total of 11 games.

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