Huawei Might Be Launching A Gaming Console In 2021 But Will Launch A Gaming Laptop First


Leading tech company Huawei is planning to join the gaming hardware market, starting with a gaming laptop and expanding to other products. The leading smartphone manufacturer is already allowing players to get the Heart Bingo code that comes with an attractive welcome offer, using their android tablets and mobile phones. The company was also penetrating the gaming market with the Huawei Honor Hunter V700, although geopolitical issues resulted in the Honors being sold off. Nonetheless, Huawei plans to unveil its new gaming laptop this year.

The gaming laptop will be followed by a more interesting creation, a gaming console set to rival Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Huawei is yet to release any details about the kind of gaming platform they’re set to unveil to the market. However, it’s fair to assume that it won’t be an arm-based gaming console like Nintendo Switch, considering its comparison with these high-end consoles. 

Several years ago, AMD partnered with a Chinese firm to develop Zen-based CPUs. However, an APU similar to the current Xbox or Playstation isn’t hard to imagine. However, Huawei might consider trying something using their own silicon designs, like the Kunpeng 920 Chipset developed using the ARM instruction set. The chip was included on the MateStation B515 computers with AMD”s Radeon 430 GPU, and the performance was phenomenal. The computer will be a solid base for a gaming console when paired with a beefier Radeon.

While most people are still wondering which software it will use, Huawei unveiled the Game Center last year. The Game Center is a robust gaming hub created on Huawei Media Service to work with android devices. Huawei also had a spat with Tencent and removed all their published games from the store. Nonetheless, the GameCenter still has plenty of Android titles that you can play.

With gaming consoles, the content is always the most crucial part besides the hardware. As such, having lots of android games available during the launch day will be fantastic. The next best option would be using a Linux-based OS, although Huawei will need to develop a healthy game catalog from scratch. This won’t be Huawei’s first console, although fans are hoping it will be better than the Tegra 4 Tron console based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and unveiled in 2014. Unfortunately, only a few die-hard gamers remember the Tron console.

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