The Most Record Breaking Online Casino Wins Ever

The best part about casino games is the massive wins that can come from almost nothing, out of pure thin air. These instances are few and far between, but they do give the in-land casino a buzz in the air that isn’t likely to be replicated elsewhere  – except, perhaps, online.

The internet often goes through trends of entertainment that a lot of people can’t even understand sometimes. Dating reality shows, mukbangs, ASMR, and now casino wins. What could possibly be the appeal of watching people win? Well, it’s like any other sport. Enjoying the victory with the audience and the player. And, boy, is there a lot to enjoy when you’re talking about millions of dollars.

If you want to follow all the action, you should head over to Twitch or YouTube to follow some casino live streams. These platforms have been made popular for hosting content around video games like Witcher III, but they’ve also become home to an eager community of iGaming fans. Casino live streams showcase those rare moments when the person has JUST won an insane cash prize and allow the audience to be a part of a tense game with an exciting payoff. If that sounds like fun, take a look at our picks for the biggest online casino wins ever.

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TrainwrecksTV’s $22.5 million win

TrainwrecksTV is a streamer that has made a name for himself on slot machines. His stream is one of the most popular on Twitch thanks to a loud and straightforward persona. Initially, a streamer that gave his unfettered opinion on the 2020 Presidential Election, in lieu of a major political event he has turned to the slots.

Run by creator Tyler Faraz Nikham, the stream now regularly features Tyler spinning through the latest slots to the excitement of his audience and his wallet. His move into Canada saw him rack up millions in casino winnings, to the delight of his fans, which saw him rack up a sizeable number of donations.

It’s not gentlemanly to go yelling about how much you earn, but casino winnings are a different kettle of fish, so when TrainwrecksTV was spinning through Pragmatic Play’s Might of Ra slot and eventually hit $22.5 million, everyone knew about it.

But TrainwrecksTV isn’t the first and definitely isn’t about to be the last that features streaming their casino wins.

Roshtein’s multiple wins

For example, Roshtein has made something of a career from a trend of streaming lots of casinos wins over a long amount of time. He is most famous for his love of the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine, which is famed for its high variance, making for a highly intense viewing experience.

Needless to say, that pays off when Roshtein uses the Hacksaw Gaming slot pays out in a big way, gifting Roshtein $9 million, $16.6 million, and even a high of $17.5 million. All within six months, we might add.

Stoyan Madanzhiev’s record-breaking WSOP win

If you’re a poker fan, you might have heard of a little worldwide tournament named the World Series of Poker. There is a live televised WSOP event in Vegas that everyone knows, but there are also offshoots like the WSOP tour, the WSOP International, the WSOP Europe, and for the purposes of this feature, the WSOP Online. And there have been plenty of record-breaking wins for people to enjoy there.

The biggest of these wins comes from the 2020 World Series of Poker Online main event winner, Stoyan Madanzhiev. The Bulgarian player has yet to be beaten in his online win of $3.9 million, which he entered with $5k and some serious skills. The No-Limit Hold’em main event was entered by a whopping 5,802 players initially, of which 38 appeared on the final day, but to come out of a crowd of even 38 online poker players with $3,904,686 is worth celebrating.

Drake’s massive Stake

There is no mention of online casino streaming without mentioning Drake. The Canadian rapper and singer taking a detour into streaming would be noteworthy enough, but the go-to there is to play games and hope he has a personality. Don’t get us wrong, Drake has also dabbled in gaming streaming, but the casino streaming is really what’s making audiences turn their heads. Not least because sitting in a bedroom with his headphones on cramps Drake’s style. No, he’s in a club? In a high-end casino? In his own immaculately decorated man cave to look like a club? There’s no bare bed or LED color-changing lights here!

In a partnership with Stake, Drake regularly sits down to get on with some gambling. His favorite is the roulette table, which he plays on one of Stake’s virtual lobbies. Over 200,000 audience members tuned in to see Drake drop as much as $1 million on the roulette wheel and see him sometimes win $5 million, or $3 million, eventually leaving him with $25 million in the bank at one point. 

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