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Ever since the dawn of time, there’s been one great debate: are things better in small packages? Eve didn’t think so when she was introduced to Adam – and statistics show that people prefer their things large: big meals, grand coffees and supersized shakes. Are we just greedy? Could we live with smaller things?  Or does everything need to be massive?

Bring on MotorStorm RC – from the makers of massive MotorStorm comes a smaller, more compact version – with remote control cars as opposed to gigantic trucks and little model racetracks as opposed to colossal open terrain. Is this a recipe for success, or too tiny to count?

The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that this game closely resembles Micro Machines, and if you were a fan of that game then there’s no point reading on, just buy this, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s not often that I give away my scores at the beginning of a review, but this really is a 10/10 title, it’s as simple as that. There are some things to overcome before you’ll agree with me though. The controls, for example, do require some level of perseverance to master. You only need the two thumb sticks to control your remote control car or truck, one thumb stick turns the wheels of the car, the other you push forwards or backwards on to accelerate or reverse. It’s a little bit like a real remote control car in that respect – if you’ve ever used one. The thumb sticks can be swapped around for lefties, but there’s definitely no escaping the learning curve. Then again, we don’t want to complete a game in a day do we? There’s plenty to go at here – and plenty to look at too.

The graphics, as you might expec,t aren’t ground breaking for a 500mb download – don’t expect the likes of the MotorStorm titles on the PS3 – but it’s a different kind of game, everything here is small, and small is good. The tracks look great though, having the full view of the track with the fixed camera angle lets you appreciate all those tracks  in all their glory. A great soundtrack graces this game too with traditional fast paced racing music and cool sound effects to boot – you know, that nostalgic remote control car noise that you might remember from when you were a kid! Classic.

MotorStorm RC Review Screenshot

So you might have noticed me slip in the fact that the camera is mainly fixed – yes, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, but you caught me out. It’s true, you will have to get used to changing how you navigate tracks – most racing games are third person with the camera behind you – left to go left, right to go right. With MotorStorm RC, as you’re looking from almost side on, you will sometimes be pressing up to steer, until you get around the corner and have to follow it round to adjust your wheels. All will become apparent when you begin to play.

Before you start sighing, just remember what I said earlier. This game is solid gold, pure and simple. The fixed camera doesn’t at all detract from the beauty of the game, in fact it enhances it. You can see at a glance that your opponents are hot on your tail, or judge the corner from way off. It’s the camera angle that gives this title that individuality that makes it so easy to start playing but so difficult to master. And with dozens of tracks, the promise of more, and a compelling online mode, you’re going to be pushed to get all of that for under £5 anywhere on the PSN store.

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