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Over the last couple of weeks a new phenomenon has been taking the gaming world by storm. The game Rocket League has blasted into people’s hearts and minds. This game is developed by Psyonix and available to buy on the PS4 and on Steam. Stripped down to its basics this game is in essence car football. Add on some rocket boosters to your car and this game instantly transforms into a highly addictive game.

This game starts off with a basic rocket car however; it does not take long to unlock new cars to use in matches. A great aspect of this game is that, it doesn’t matter if you are new to the games or a seasoned pro; there are no factors that would give anyone a better advantage in the game. Play online against anyone in the world in public playlists or just play a private game with some of your mates. Each game can be played either 1v1 or you can go all the way up to 4v4.

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However, online play is just one aspect of this game; there are other games modes which can be played as well. These extra game modes include exhibition matches which mean you can play against local players or computer controlled bots. The season game mode means you can go up against other bot controlled teams to win the ultimate title. So create your own team and rule the season. For those players who are new to the game, there is a full training section included in the game, so don’t worry you will be a rocket league pro in no time.

To those wondering if you can customise your car, wonder no more as each vehicle is fully customisable and as you play through the game, either online or offline, you will unlock more customisable features for your car: ranging from body kits, to decals, to wheels and even great looking hats for your cars.

Moving on to the gameplay, the movement of the car is extremely fluid and very easy to control. The graphics are very easy on the eye and give a futuristic style to the game. The graphics of the rocket boosters are amazing and vary quite a lot, ranging from: different colour flame throwers to bubbles, the green slime rocket booster being my favourite. The developers have added great features such as when a goal is scored a small shockwave blasts everyone into the air.

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For those people who hate playing by the rules, don’t worry there are very little rules to follow. You can even destroy your opponent’s car; don’t worry though the destroyed car will respawn a second later. While playing you can switch between normal view and ball view, ball view is a great feature which locks on to the ball so that it will always stay in view even if it is in the air.

Each game lasts for 5 minutes and even if you are 4-2 down with a minute to spare, anything can happen within that minute so don’t give up. There are many different stadiums to play in ranging from day to night. The background music is very enjoyable to listen to and it will get you pumped up to play. So whether you want to play competitively or just for fun you will find everything you want in this highly enjoyable and hugely fun game.

To summarise this game has an immense level of fun, enjoyment and is extremely addicting. It is very well-developed and 10 minutes of playing can easily turn in to hours and hours. So if you are a fan of fun-filled games, with great customisation and trophies/achievements. Then this is definitely a must have for your gaming collection.

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