Anna’s Quest Review

Anna's Quest Review

Anna’s Quest was a game that was right up my alley.  I love adventure games especially those with a great story. Anna was a normal girl who lived on a farm with her grandpa. Then one day her grandpa gets sick. He always warned her to stay away from the woods. She always obeyed him but when her grandpa got sick she had no choice but to venture in those woods. It was either venture into the woods or watch her grandpa get sicker. Little did Anna know what she would encounter when she left her farm.

Soon after she finds herself fighting her way out of a witch’s tower, helping ghosts, solving puzzles and riddles, and even outsmarting the devil himself. All while uncovering the truth about the village’s dark yet enchanting past. She always keeps a level head no matter what twists come her way. Even when she is in the witch’s tower she doesn’t give up hope that she will find a way out. For a little girl, Anna is very smart, strong, bold, and courageous. Anna is actually braver than most of the adults she encounters in her journey. No matter the problem she is determined to find a solution for it.

The intriguing part about the story is that it has a dark  and sometimes creepy vibe to it. Yet the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Anna’s quest has its light and comedic moments. There are even satirical moments hidden in the game as well. I also loved the fairy tale inspired characters Anna meets along the way. Anna’s Quest does a great of putting a spin on classic fairy tales. The main focus of the story is always kept on Anna and her grandpa. Everything she does is to save her grandpa.

Anna's Quest Review

While there are no game modes in the game that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. There are plenty of things to do in the game. There is never a dull or boring moment.Anna’s Quest has six chapters and each chapter is filled with its own challenges. Each task can be time-consuming and tricky to figure out. Every task is connected to the overall objective in that particular chapter. For example, in order to escape the witch’s tower you have to figure out how to escape your room, help a ghost find his ring and get the key to a safe.  Anna’s Quest doesn’t require a lot of skill to play and you don’t have to be an experienced gamer to play it. You will have to be clever, creative, and a logical thinker to figure out how to solve each task. You are free to explore any area you choose and interact with just about any object.

The controls in the game are pretty much straight forward and easy to use. When you are in the witch’s tower there is a tutorial that explains the controls. To investigate an object without taking it you just have to right-click. To take an item, you left-click. To access the inventory you just press the I button on the keyboard. You can even combine items to make new ones as well. The only buttons you will use are the left and right buttons of your mouse. The graphics are beautiful, hand drawn yet have a cartoon-like element to them. As you pass each chapter there is a cutscene that looks like a children’s storybook. Another thing that I loved about the game was that the characters actually talk. There isn’t just a bunch of dialogue you have to read. The only drawback to Anna’s Quest is that replayability is low. That is usually typical for any adventure game. There aren’t any game modes or additional content once you beat the game.

Anna's Quest Review

Anna’s Quest is a game that has a unique story that gets more complicated as the game goes on, a strong heroine, fun to play, challenging, slightly dark but at the same time has a lot of humor and heart. At the heart of the story is Anna and her desire to save her grandpa. I enjoyed every minute of Anna’s Quest and was too engrossed in the story to stop playing. It is charming, delightful, and there is never a dull or boring moment. You never have to wonder what you have to do in the game. Although the game has a dark side that can be borderline creepy the satiric and comedic moments balance things out. Overall a great adventure game that doesn’t much wrong.


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