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Skyhill is a 2D, Survival, Point and Click RPG game set in a damned hotel just after World War 3 has come to a brutal end, the premise is to descend from the VIP, penthouse suite situated on level one hundred to the ground floor to escape the horrific, blood curdling abominations that now occupy each floor refusing to check out. Are you up for the job or will you cry like a little girl and wet your pants?

You start this adventure as Perry Jason a man who can obviously afford the lap of luxury, away on business for a few days but blissfully unaware of the immanent danger that is about to blow up in your face. When the terror unfolds you are alone, hungry and have one goal in life.. escape. You get to choose an active and passive perk (after you unlock them) each giving you something to aid your plight and a negative affect, so pick carefully although death is only a few steps behind you at all times.

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Each floor of the hotel has two rooms to explore (left and right) one energy point is used up during each action or process that you click on and even more to fix/repair things like elevator panels to get you back to the VIP area to craft a precious weapons like a mop (yep a mop, exquisite), make a delightful cheese sandwich or an elegant cocktail. Even upgrade you door, bed or workbench with the extensive array of loot you plunder.

Sadly the “you’ve found a stick” mechanic has been turned up to eleven as that’s pretty much all I find although even having a trusty stick for protection offers little as the ‘miss the baddie simulator two thousand and fifteen edition’ seems to be working overtime. Pouring all my experience points in accuracy still left me feeling like a drunk blindfolded teenager at a Piñata party. Saying that though the game is interesting, addictive and pretty well put together, it just has teething issues that hopefully can be patched. Something that can’t be patched is the fact the game does, after a while get repetitively dull and made worse by walking down the seemingly same flight of stairs, into similar bland rooms finding the grand sum of nothing.

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What the game does well in one hand, takes it away with the other. I had fun playing the game I can’t deny that, but that was in the opening few hours. The achievements are cleverly named and amusing, the voice actor that mildly sounds like Keanu Reeves is great but that’s about it. I’m a good four – five hours in now, probably on my high teens play through and its a tedious slog, the furthest I’ve got to is level thirty-seven but nothing is really captivating me enough to really want to pick the game up and for its £11.99 price tag it’s a shade expensive for what it really is.

So.. Is the game a massive flop?….No. It just needs tweaking slightly in the right areas and given a patch or two to unlock it’s true potential. I believe it can be a great game and my score will reflect that and for the fore mentioned issues and the fact it crashed my PC a few times or needed the odd main menu, continue treatment I score this game 6/10. I love indie games, I’ll defend them to the hilt as the developers and games studios will do so much more for the gamer than the triple A cash cows out there but can I defend this? Yes, I’m just hungry.. need to go downstairs and get food, now.. where’s my stick!

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