Snail Bob 2: Tiny Troubles Review

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Snail Bob 2 is a puzzle platformer just recently released on Steam. There are 8 games in the series. They are all available free to play. Snail Bob 2 on Steam isn’t  free to play but worth the purchase because it has more levels. The story is pretty straightforward in Snail Bob 2. Just like the title implies you are following the adventures of a snail named Bob. There are four stories in Snail Bob 2. The first is Forest story then Fantasy followed by Island story and Winter. Only 3 of the stories are available right now. Winter story isn’t available yet. In each story, Bob gets himself into trouble. It is up to you to you to help him out of it.

In forest story, you follow Bob as he makes his way throughout the forest. He gets picked up by a large bird and taken to the forest. In each level in forest story you are helping Bob find his way out of the forest and avoid enemies along the way. Each level is a different part of the forest with a different backdrop. In fantasy story, it starts off with Bob reading in bed. He has a fantasy about fighting like in fantasy books. Then he goes to sleep and gets beamed into a fantasy type place. Then after you get through the fantasy story you enter island story. Island story starts off with Bob and another snail ice fishing. They start having daydreams about the tropics. Then Bob gets split off from the other snail by accident.  He ends up in a tropical island place. Of course, he has to make his way through the island.

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Once you pass all the levels in island story you can move onto winter story. Unfortunately at this point in time winter story isn’t available yet through Steam. What I loved was that even though the story was simple in each level it worked for the game. I loved that there were 4 different stories in one game. Each story has many levels to complete. The simplicity works because the game is fun. There aren’t multiple game modes, though. If you are an adult playing Snail Bob 2, it isn’t exactly hard. You could probably beat the entire game in one afternoon. If kids play this game it might pose more of a challenge.

Even though to adults it isn’t hard each level has a puzzle for you to solve. The puzzles are enough of a challenge to keep you playing and wanting to keep going. Each level is unique and different from the previous level in its own way. I couldn’t wait to see what each level had in store. In each level, you can collect stars and puzzle pieces. If you collect enough stars you can unlock a new outfit for Bob to wear. I loved the outfits. You can even unlock a Mario outfit for Bob to wear. Another cool thing was the pop culture references mixed into the different stories. You will see references to movies like Star Wars, and tv shows like Lost.

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The graphics are colorful, the environments vibrant and unique, and the graphics have a cartoony element. The graphics help to not only tell the story but emphasize how fun the game is. The graphics work for the game and I found them to be a true delight. Anyone can pick up the game and start playing. It is very user-friendly. A great thing is that people of all ages can play. The controls were very simple. All you need is a mouse. Just about everything in the game was point and click. Snail Bob 2 doesn’t have high replayability, though. If you collect all the stars and puzzle pieces there is no need to go back and replay it.

Snail Bob 2 isn’t the most challenging or cutting edge game. If you are looking for a game that fits that criteria than keep looking. Actually Snail Bob 2 is a lot better than most app games I have played. If you are looking for a game that is fun, simple, entertaining, and that is family-friendly then this game is for you. I found Snail Bob 2 to be a fun game to play to pass the time.

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