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You awake in a beautiful panoramic view of the sky, sadly you realise you are in the sky and like everything in this game the laws of physics apply so you go hurtling towards the ground at maximum velocity and become a crumpled little heap on the floor. You appear to look similar to the “Pillsbury Doughboy” and walk like it’s pub kick out time at 11pm on a Tuesday.

At first I thought the mechanics felt clunky and clumsy as you don’t walk that quickly and seem for the most part to flail your limbs around in random directions like your swatting away invisible wasps. I soon discovered that the issue was me and once you hone your skills, learn the art of controlling this doughy little dude, the game becomes a fantastic adventure of intricate puzzles and the sound of frustration, amusement and swear words as you miss judge a ledge making you fall off the world only to fall back to exactly the place you left off (only to do it again).

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Happily there is an achievement for that and it will pop up after the first accident and again after a thousand which I think I’m quite close to! The game is split into little themed worlds like the one I’ve just finished called Castle which has ramparts, portcullis’ and catapults everywhere to aid in destruction and travel but there is also Mountains which is designed to help you learn to climb and everyone’s favourite the obligatory Train level. Every game has trains in it I swear. Considering I work on the railway the last thing I want to do is puts electronic trains around in my spare time but I digress.

The game is fantastic from the physics of how the game works to the beautiful levels to the intricate puzzles that literally make you scratch your head in places as you can’t figure out what to do, or you can figure it out but just can’t quite manage to do it. Common sense plays a massive part to the game, stuck by a wall or glass panel? smash it to bits with a rock. A lever won’t stay down, put a rock or stick on it. I have spent hours playing it and can not wait to crack the next puzzle to find out what’s in the next room or theme the next level is.

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It’s a game that makes you think and I love this type of game, well until you get inevitably stuck and then have a mild rage out because you have absolutely no idea what to do but hey, that’s what’s so fun about it. The sense of not really knowing what to do followed by finally solving it and feeling really great or getting your hand caught in an automated door for about ten minutes while I pulled and jumped to try to free myself.

I would happily buy this game as it’s cheap (£11.99) and enjoyable, I’m also determined to compete it as well because I’m really enjoying it, it’s one of those rare and unique games that come out, have an incredibly good idea or concept and it’s initiated well so it works. I can’t recommend the game enough and for that reason I give it 9/10.

Rating 9/10 - Excellent

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