100ft Robot Golf Review


100 ft Robot Golf is an arcade golf game that incorporates classic anime art and humor to create an experience that shoots a few too many bogeys.

100 ft Robot Golf is exactly as it sounds. You play as a variety of large robots who smash and dash their way through golf courses in order to get your ball in the hole by any means possible.   The entire story is a parody of mecha anime that has its humorous moments that will make you laugh out loud.  However, You will also cringe when a joke is attempted that isn’t funny at all.  The humor really hits the mark mainly in the form of the commentary team that narrates as you play through each hole. The commentary team consists of guys from the McElory podcasts.


100 ft Robot Golf plays relatively well.  There are a few different types of gameplay mechanics that you need to learn while you play through the campaign.  Each different robot you play as has a different input method for hitting each shot.  Some have the  common power and accuracy meters where you need to time your shot and hit the swing button as the meters move back and forth.  Others have a throttle system that utilizes the triggers to measure the strength of your shot and some robots have a button system where you need to press three different buttons at the right time to hit an accurate shot. As you play through each hole you have the ability to clear a path for your ball by smashing buildings and other obstacles that stand in your way.  This adds to the variety of gameplay that you can organically create.  However, this also leads to your ball getting stuck in an area where you have to take a few shots to get out of and it can be very frustrating.  During  the campaign you will collect medals so that you can customize the appearance of your mech. This gives you something to work for and a reason to complete the campaign apart from the story.

Besides the campaign, there is a multiplayer mode where you compete against another player in order to get your ball in the hole first.  In this mode, you can do anything to get in your opponent’s way such as hit them with your massive golf club, shoot rockets at them, or knock debris from surrounding infrastructure into the way of your opponent’s path.  It is a fun game mode that you can go back to when you don’t want to play the campaign.


Graphically 100 ft Robot Golf is nothing too special.  It is comprised of bland environments with not much detail but this kind of plays into the type of game it is.  You won’t be blown away by anything you see while playing but this won’t take away from your overall experience.  The soundtrack goes well with 100 ft Robot Golf but sometimes the audio and commentary can sound a bit amateur and poorly dubbed.

There is also a PSVR mode for this game.  The PSVR mode isn’t very good as the graphics are downgraded and the controls seem to be very clunky.  I would stay away from the PSVR mode if you are going to play this game.

100 ft Robot golf is an interesting creative idea that has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, a lot of the game is poorly executed and it can be frustrating at times.  If you have a bunch of friends to play with the game can shine when you are playing multiplayer but besides that this isn’t the best arcade golf experience.

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