Demon Gaze II Review

In this game, you are a human with a special power, but in return you have lost all your memory, this leads him/her to help a resistance fight against the magnastar, who is in charge of the area in which they live, by fighting demons which infest the local areas and dungeons.

As all newcomers to the game, the controls of the game may be easiest to understand while they are navigating the over world map. But when the player enters a dungeon the control scheme of the in-game dungeon is unique, as most games use the left analogue stick to move. In this game I found it much easier to move around using the arrow keys, as this would allow easier movement around the dungeon maps. It was quicker than using both analogue sticks to move around, The game features an array of different characters, in the game but the general balance of the characters are mostly leaning towards a female cast, with very few male characters, that the main character will meet or will have in the players party.

The game itself is similar too many other dungeon crawling games, that are around at this time with the generic story, and a similar dungeon, as well as the healing items that will be used by the main heroes group. These items are as simple as cookies. Similar to items the game has a range of weapon’s that, can be used in the game, from swords/ katanas/ heavy ranged and long. This will also include the armour as well. There are multiple types of equipment from things such as shields to underwear, and all of these can be improved to a certain point, as this will make the equipment you use stronger and more efficient in the dungeons as the game progresses.

In this game you selecting your character style similar to many other RPG out there. But it lacks customisation, the most that the player gets is three different characters, that you can choose from, all with three different styles that they have which are able to be changed at any point, from the games shower room in the resistants’ headquarters. There is also a different style of the demons that you have captured one looks good while the other looks like their evil side.

The game has a few enemies that you will fight against. In the first dungeon is beast and creature type, but after you have passed part of the dungeon there will be more open with different enemies. There is undead and god enemies that you can fight against all with their own element types, This system allows an element weakness this is the same as in most games, the elements are (weak) Fire > Earth > Wind > Water > Fire (Strong). The elements are weakest to each other in the order of left to right this will affect the damage that will be dealt towards the monsters that you fight in a dungeon. Whereas the undead are darkness and are weak against holy or light magic, but this can be dangerous for both the light user in your party as the dark magic is strong against light. There is a function in the game that lets the demon transform, and use a skill but to do this there is a function, that is an in-game ability called star power which is earned by fighting enemies and this can also be increased to by helping the revolution.

Demon Gaze 2 was a typical dungeon crawler game, that was interesting to play. As the story was interesting and the gameplay was similar to many other so it was simple to pick up. There are some unique stand out points of the game such as each dungeon is based in a specific place on the overworld map. There is a main base in which you can do all the essential things needed to get ready for the dungeons or just customize the main characters look.

Demon Gaze 2 is a fun game but what the game may be lacking in some areas it makes up for in others as if you are looking for a game that has a more than one time play through value, there is the element of following the that you get to date and you may choose a different answer to people’s questions as this will lead to a different outcome, but most of the dungeons will stay the same each time you replay the game.

This game is a classic roleplay game, with little to no character or customisations. It is solo focused on the dungeons and the relationships between the group, which will increase the time players spend playing the game. Instead of focusing on how their character look, and what their class is the game will also feature a date simulation mini game that will increase the players stats, with the character that you date and yourself the increased stats help you. While you adventure, and if you get tired, return to your room which you can have a piece of furniture in. That will also increase stats, but the room will not change how it looks, even if you change the bed or put in a statue.

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