Rainbow Six Siege introduces two new Operators & reworked Hereford Base map

Operation Grim Sky will go live with two new Operators joining Team Rainbow: Clash and Maverick. Both Operators have a storied past, and are bringing their unique skill set to the constantly expanding arsenal of the Attackers and Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege.



Morowa Evans was always very involved in her community, and after the tragic death of her friend and mentor, joined the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Her ideals were simple; make a difference. While holding the front line during the 2011 London Riots, she caught the attention of MPS leadership. Throughout the following years, she rose in the ranks, constantly leveraging her knowledge and understanding of riot control techniques to devise new strategies for the MPS.


Her innovative leadership caught Six’s eye, and led to her joining Rainbow. She will be the first Defender to carry a ballistic shield into combat. The CCE Shield is her primary weapon, and can use a Charged Field Generator to slow the Attacker’s movement speed directly in front of her. This extendable shield allows her to block entry points, and aid in the barricading of rooms.



Erik Thorn, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, enlisted in the US Army immediately after graduating high school. Given his keen intellect, he quickly rose in the ranks, and transferred to the Intelligence MOS field. He spent a significant amount of time in Kabul, Afghanistan, and joined The Unit as their key operative on the ground. He spent years undercover, losing contact with his command, and emerging with the intel to dismantle one of the largest insurgency operations in the region.


Given his history of success, he became renowned within the Intelligence community, and was contacted by Rainbow to join their elite squad of counter-terrorists. He carries a D.I.Y. Blowtorch, officially named an Exothermic-S “SURI” Torch, which allows him to breach through any surface, including reinforced walls and hatches. The sound generated by this device is minimal, but quickly runs out of fuel. In a constantly evolving electronic landscape the SURI Torch allows Maverick to breach reinforced walls that Defenders have shored up through the use of Bandit batteries and Mute jammers.


Hereford Base rework

We are also introducing a completely reworked map, Hereford Base. Hereford is one of the most iconic maps that we launched with three years ago, but we needed to make drastic changes to bring it to the competitive level of our other maps. As such, it was the perfect candidate for our first Map Rework.


For the rework, we have adjusted the layout of the building and increased the overall square footage of the main building. We also identified that the singular stairwell leads to mobility issues for both sides, and have added a second stairwell. We have also given the map a new artistic direction, replacing a significant amount of the concrete with brick and wood. This will also serve to give it a breath of fresh air, in additional to the layout changes detailed above.


For our level designers, revisiting this map was a rare treat. Rainbow Six Siege has been running live for nearly 3 years. During this time, the level design team has fine-tuned their knowledge of the game.

We are excited about the changes that Clash and Maverick will being to the game, as well as the other various quality of life updates. You can find our Operation Grim Sky patch notes here. Please let us know what your thoughts!

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