Plan your perfect Halloween night-in with 15 discounted PS4 horror classics

Halloween is finally here, and playing scary games is a great way to make yourself feel alive on a night when the undead come out to play. Turn off your lights, wrap yourself in a cosy blanket and get ready for some real scares!

1. Alien: Isolation – The Collection

Play hide-and-seek with your 9ft tall ‘friendly’ neighbourhood xenomorph in a decaying space station. Let’s also throw in a few psychotic androids and renegade residents that you’ll need to see off. Weapons? Bad news: you’ll need to scavenge the parts to build them first.

In addition to the main campaign, you also get all the DLC add-ons in The Collection, which is headlined by two expansions: Last Survivor and Crew Expendable. These recreate pulse-pounding moments from the original movie as you play Ellen Ripley trying to escape the original version of the monster.

2. Amnesia: Collection

This collection contains a trio of nerve-shredding experiences that’ll test your sanity and cause you to unleash your best impersonation of a screaming banshee as the frights keep coming.

The Amnesia series (Dark Descent, its expansion Justine, and semi-sequel A Machine for Pigs) eschew fast-paced, weapon-heavy action in favour of slow-burn first-person stealth and puzzles. Each adventure has you exploring sanity-twisting locales while trying to escape (or hide) from heavily-disfigured creatures that’ll attack on sight. Good luck!

3. Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition

You might think you have a chance. A chance at getting through this unscathed. Nope. But that’s what keeps you going. FromSoftware’s classic action RPG game is challenging, but you know you can overcome the next gut-wrenching enemy – no matter how long you have to stall for dinner. The food might be cold by the time you finish, but victory never tasted so good. And with this Game of the Year Edition including The Old Hunters expansion, you’ve even more horrors to battle.

4. Doom

Defy hell’s most terrifying demons by collecting a huge arsenal of futuristic guns and wiping the attacking hordes from the face of Mars in an orgy of first-person-shooter carnage. Those creatures never truly experienced damnation until they set foot on your turf!

5. Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition

A midnight run can quickly become a midnight run-for-your-life due to Dying Light’s day/night cycle which turns sluggish flesh-eaters into ‘super-zombies’ as the sun sets. Face them head on or parkour your way across rooftops to avoid them. Not because you’re scared or anything. Of course not. It’s just because the view is really nice up there…

6. Emily Wants to Play Too

Fans of supernatural horror should check out this chilling first-person puzzler that sees you trapped overnight on a storage facility. Not frightening, you say? Oh you’re not truly alone. You’re haunted by the spirit of a young child Emily as well as her friends. And by ‘friends’, we mean a trio of extremely creepy dolls. You’ll need your wits to survive until dawn.

7. Little Nightmares Complete Edition

This dark and whimsical puzzle platformer has the feel of a Tim Burton tale, if the renowned director turned his talents to videogames. Tap into your childhood fears as you explore a disturbing dollhouse and dodge grotesque monsters as a raincoat-wearing child. A perfect evening beckons if you prefer your horror gore-free.

8. Outlast 2

Night-time frights are given a whole new meaning with this first-person stealth adventure. Stuck out in a threat-filled forest in the dead of night, you need to navigate past devil-worshipping cultists and other unholy beasts with only a night vision camcorder to help pierce the utter blackness. With no weapons to speak of, you need to run and hide to avoid detection and certain death. Think you can keep a steady hand on that Dualshock 4?

9. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition

Capcom’s iconic franchise takes fresh inspiration from horror cinema as Resident Evil goes first-person. This seventh installment has echoes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as you find yourself meeting – and fleeing – the twisted (and mutating) Baker family.

You’re compelled to stay though: you’ve got to track down your long-lost wife, who may be somewhere on the family’s property. Solve puzzles and shoot whoever (and whatever) stands in your way.

10. SOMA

Dive into this psychological sci-fi horror game in which you awake in a post-apocalyptic underwater research facility after a mysterious neurological experiment. SOMA will not only terrify you using classic scare tactics: its twisting, nuanced narrative will also make you question the nature of your existence.

11. The Evil Within 2

Tango Gameworks, founded by Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami, returns with another twisted and tense installment of its third-person horror.

You get to decide whether to stick to stealth or grab your favourite weaponry and fight the monstrosities that stand in your way as you try and rescue your daughter. She, and you, are plugged into a virtual reality system known as STEM. And as it’s VR construct, the natural laws aren’t guaranteed to be followed…

12. The Inpatient

Put on your PS VR headset and wake up as an amnesiac patient at Blackwood Pines Sanatorium in a prequel to Until Dawn, set 60 years prior to the events of that game.

Creator Supermassive is known for creating rich stories where your choices determine the fate of the characters, making for an experience you’ll want to replay to uncover the full disturbing truth about your past.

13. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Our second Until Dawn-related entry on the list is another twist to Supermassive’s horror-filled franchise. Here, the frights are adapted to a haunted rollercoaster ride in which the attractions can kill. Fasten your seatbelt (and strap on your PS VR), grab a weapon and blast your way across seven levels of exhilarating, horror-filled action.

14. The Persistence

You’re a security officer stuck in deep space aboard a devastated ship. Your only company: your former crewmates, mutated and murderous. As situations go, it’s pretty dire. You’ve two things in your favour in this roguelike. One; die and you’ll be cloned back to life and two; there are unique weapons aboard to upgrade and fight back with. Slip on your PS VR headset and ready for your worst day at work ever.

Download The Persistence on PlayStation Store

15. The Exorcist VR – Complete Series

  • The Exorcist VR

Test your sleuthing skills – as well as your nerves – in this chilling slice of cinematic horror for PS VR that brings a supernatural twist to a crime mystery. Put on your PS VR headset and play detective, investigating numerous seemingly-unrelated murders across five chapters, piecing together clues from evidence found at the site of the crimes. As with the movie franchise it draws inspiration from, prepare for shocks and jump scares aplenty as the truth is slowly revealed.

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