Introducing Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion’s new Operators and Fortress map

We are excited to present more details about our latest season of Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion. This new season will feature a new map called Fortress, and two new Operators from the Kingdom of Morocco are joining Team Rainbow: Kaid and Nomad.

Both Operators have a complete backstory and are bringing their unique gadgets and abilities to expand the arsenal of Attackers and Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. These Operators can be unlocked with either in-game currency, Renown, or premium currency, R6 Credits.

Meet Kaid, the traditionalist


Early in his career with the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie, he demonstrated natural leadership skills which later led to his promotion as Captain. When the reputable Kasbah Sehkra Mania required a new successor, all eyes turned to Kaid to guide the future of the Moroccan Special Forces. The stoic and imposing leader became the 8th Commander at the country’s famed Fortress.

Kaid abides by strict values and he leads by example. Over the years, his teaching methods and leadership style have proven to be effective. The Fortress gained accolades and its reputation continues to rise, making Kaid arguably the most successful resident Commander at the famous Kasbah.

Kaid Concept Art

Often labelled a “traditionalist,” Kaid firmly believes that over-reliance on technology can be an Operator’s downfall. His gadget, the throwable “Rtila” Electroclaw can electrify reinforced walls, hatches, barbed wire, and deployable shields from a distance. An expert Defender, he makes it tough for his enemies to breach any facility he is tasked with protecting.

Meet Nomad, the first Attacker who can place traps


Brought up in a wealthy family, she enlisted in the Royal Moroccan Army at a young age and graduated from the renowned Kasbah Sehkra Mania. She later joined the GIGR. Having served multiple tours with the Mountain Infantry Battalion, she is her unit’s expert on environmental operations.

Between tours, she undertakes solo expeditions where she sketches out her trips in her notebook. Both introspective dreamer and practical survivalist, she has visited more countries on foot than any other Operator in Rainbow Six.

Nomad Concept Art

Her trademark gadget is the Airjab Launcher, a custom attachment on her rifle. She is the first attacker who can place traps, and thanks to her ability she can launch repulsion grenades which detonate when an enemy is in range, effectively pushing back and disorientating them.


Fortress MapFortress Map

We are excited to finally present a fortress map for a game with “Siege” in its name. This large daytime map features a mudbrick kasbah and iconic architecture unique to the southern region of Morocco. The imposing main entrance greets all visitors with its two towers and Kasbah Sehkra Mania written above the archway.

Based on real and existing structures, the many exterior stairs provide unprecedented access to the roof and drop-down points via the towers. Housed within the fortified and bare walls of the Kasbah are two floors of living and training space, each with its distinct rooms and halls. The multiple stairs and a ladder allow for rotations between floors. The map offers a variety of open space, points of cover, and lines of sight for both close and long range engagements.

Fortress MapFortress Map

A section of the Fortress is newly renovated, including the resident Commander’s office, bedroom, and private hammam, while other areas have a more traditional look. With the usage of various decorative ornaments, furniture and painted ceilings, the art team aimed to make the two sections distinguishable from each other, allowing players to better orient themselves on this new map at any given time.

This is the first map heavily associated with an Operator. As such, the team has created a fortress fit for a commander atop a hill with a 360° view.

We’re excited to see the changes that our two new Operators will bring to the game. The full patch notes for Operation Wind Bastion are available at See you in the game!

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