What is a Live Casino and how does it work?

live casino

If you don’t know what a live casino is, you would probably have thought it is a real offline casino with real “live” people. Well, actually it is, in some way – just not offline. The only difference between a live casino and a physical casino is that you are visiting it without leaving your home, workplace, leisure place or wherever you happen to be. Sounds strange, right? Generally, you play your favorite casino games online with real people in real-time through any platform you like on your computer or another mobile device. In general, gaming is heading in this direction with the Metaverse: eventually, photorealistic people interacting in a digital space, replicating that of the physical world. All you need is a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone with a stable internet connection.

Live casinos are extremely popular in countries all over the world. Especially in regions, where there is little to no possibility to play in a brick-and-mortar casino, online casinos are a welcome option for players. Ukraine for example offers close to no physical casinos in the country. And in countries like Finland, it might become hard for players in some, especially rural, regions to find a good option to play in a physical casino. The Internet brings us so many possibilities for visiting live casinos, so you can choose any platform. Platforms like the Finnish comparison site nettikasinot-ilman-rekisteröitymistä.com offer users an overview of the different live casino options on the market. This makes it easier to find the most suitable place that fulfills every gamer’s individual needs and can be particularly helpful for new gamers.

How do live casinos work?

Playing in a live casino can feel like a mixture of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino and in an online casino. Typically, the user virtually sits at a table, playing the chosen game. And the live experience? The game is being streamed, either from a physical casino or from a special production that is filmed in a studio. This way, there are real, live dealers and often also real opponents to play with.

What games can you play in a live casino?

Live casinos usually have a decent amount of different games to choose from. As a rule, you can at the very least see and try Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and often also some other more specific card games. All those games are played with a live dealer, fully imitating the atmosphere of a real casino. Well, nearly fully.

Some casinos are even offering different versions of classic card games. You should find out the details and instructions about the specific version of the game before you start. Did you know that there are 5 versions of Blackjack? Blackjack is not the only one, Baccarat has 4 versions. You should be accurate so as not to get into a situation where you start playing one game, and it turns out quite different from what you used to play.


Poker is one of the most famous card games all over the world. It is presented in live casinos of various types so that every player can choose their perfect match. These are some of the most interesting versions of poker:

Three Card Poker

This one is probably one of the easiest variations of Poker. Anyone can learn its rules in just 5 minutes. Due to its name, this poker is played with 3 cards only. There are numerous videos you can find to learn how to play it, but if you are new to poker, this one is the best to choose for beginners. 

Caribbean Stud Poker

This variation of poker is played with 5 cards, and you are playing against the house, not against other players on the table. The rules are a bit different from the classic variant, so you better check them before you are going to play Caribbean Stud Poker at some live casino.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em 

This one is similar to the previous poker version, and here you also play against the dealer, not other players. It is the nearest type of poker to the classical one. So, if you got used to playing a classic variant, you should choose this one at a live casino to play.

There are even more variants of poker you can find on various live casino platforms, but don’t forget to check the rules before you play.

The Popularity of Live Casinos

The modern world is improving not within years, but within months or even weeks now. Technologies are becoming so complex and detailed, that we can do practically everything through our computers or smartphones. Live casinos make you feel like you’re in a real casino, but there are even more possibilities for gaming invented within the last few years. 

One day, it will become real to shake hands with a person you play on the other side of the planet, using the newest technologies. Now we can only imagine that, but it could become a reality very soon.

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