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Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Coming This October

Packed with content.

Fifa 15 set to take football video games to a whole new level

Turkey’s Super Lig coming out on top.

Great Games on a Budget – Black & White (PC)

Enter into a world where you are God himself.

Titanfall Review

Run and Gun...

Battlefield 4 Review

The best shooter out there, bar none....

Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur Review

This, my friends, is a beautiful world I will never get tired of escaping to.

Electronic Arts confirm Mirror’s Edge 2 & Star Wars: Battlefront in development

Electronic Arts closed its E3 press conference with confirmation of the long-suspected news that a Mirror's Edge sequel is in the works.

EA confirms no games currently in development for the Wii U

No Battlefield, no FIFA, no...you get the idea.

Wii U to miss out on many big Electronic Arts games

The Wii U's problems running the Forstbite 3 engine mean some massive EA titles won't be coming to the Nintendo console.

Electronic Arts clinches deal to make Star Wars games

EA has captured the much sought after Star Wars license and is already planning multiple new titles.