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Battlefield Hardline Hits The UK Streets On March 20th 2015

Ready for this to drop.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Coming This October

Packed with content.

Fifa 15 set to take football video games to a whole new level

Turkey’s Super Lig coming out on top.

Great Games on a Budget – Black & White (PC)

Enter into a world where you are God himself.

Titanfall Review

Run and Gun...

Battlefield 4 Review

The best shooter out there, bar none....

Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur Review

This, my friends, is a beautiful world I will never get tired of escaping to.

Electronic Arts confirm Mirror’s Edge 2 & Star Wars: Battlefront in development

Electronic Arts closed its E3 press conference with confirmation of the long-suspected news that a Mirror's Edge sequel is in the works.

EA confirms no games currently in development for the Wii U

No Battlefield, no FIFA, no...you get the idea.

Wii U to miss out on many big Electronic Arts games

The Wii U's problems running the Forstbite 3 engine mean some massive EA titles won't be coming to the Nintendo console.