Digger Dan DX Review

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Can you dig it? Well if not Dan can! No one has more enthusiasm for collecting every jewel under the earth then our blonde hero. Created by Four horses, this simple puzzle game can get frighteningly addictive and is perfect for spending them free five minutes everyone experienced whether it’s waiting for your train to arrive or killing time on a lunch break. Digger Dan will make sure those minutes are well spent.

For the low price, Digger Dan offers good variety on the puzzle aspect. Giving players unexpected value for the most part with little repetition. The core gameplay revolves around one concept, that being collecting enough gems to unlock the sealed door. It may be a common element to many games these days (especially with mobile), however it still remains efficient.

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Using the toggle stick or D-pad you can control Dan’s movement. This works well when timing your moves with hazardous objects like loose boulders or barrels of TNT. Boulders can also be used to break through thin walls allowing further access. The digging itself moves at a reasonably quick paced, not like the mole mitts out of then Legend of Zelda known for their sluggish nature.

Camera snapshots are cleverly used as checkpoints where you push L/R to return to this mark. Every level also includes bonuses like a one-off secret gem. The bottom screen is handily used to display the layout of the map and the location of the jewels. This does unnecessarily make the game much easier as the time limit involved never really feels a presence as you never truly feel lost in these supposed labyrinths.

With 100 caves needing plundering with a decent variety Dan sure will keep you busy. With other near features like wormholes that transport you around the map and every man’s best friend “Kaboom” the Gopher helping out when need be the level design is by far the stand out point. Smooth music is continuously played adding to the overall gameplay giving off a mix of exploration and mystery whilst not being too serious. The lightheartedness is a strong combination with the character style of Dan who is likeable from start to finish. That said he is basically just an avatar with above average digging ability. A bit more personality given to our protagonist would have helped me to keep interest.

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The challenge variant includes the collecting of all hidden gems allowing yourself to earn a gold star on each cave; these objectives never feel that difficult only testing your endurance more than your puzzle skills. Spend enough time in each level and you’ll uncover all the secrets without encountering much hardship. Though it is appreciated the amount of content available if not challenging as whilst it may become tedious it is entertaining if explored in small durations.

Exploring the deepest reaches of the ground looking for treasure always had potential with Digger Dan not disappointing. Though difficulty may be hard to found, the lack of actual repetitious puzzles is astounding, smooth music played throughout and the overall fun gameplay to found makes Dan perfect to jump into for spare moments, Long term though the game truly lacks any depth and doesn’t do anything significant to stand out from the crowd. An enjoyable experience but ultimately forgettable even if do get a pet Gopher.

Rating 7

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