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We have all waited a very long time for Fallout 4, I believe its been something like seven years. The hype train kept rolling as we all got a glimpse of a screenshot here, an intro or gameplay video their, feeding our Fallout addicted and addled minds with hope, awe and excitement. I booked time off work to play it, ordered a new graphics card for my PC (just for Fallout) and waited up like a kid on Christmas Eve for it to launch at 00:01 on Tuesday 10th November and played it until my face slammed into my keyboard somewhere around 4am. When I say played it, It took me a good hour to create my character.

The game is true masterpiece, its incredible, beautiful and extremely addictive (I’m even thinking about setting up a Fallout Anonymous group although know one would have time to come) and although it has its issues, a few bug here and their, a glitch or ten and the frames per second slightly stuttering I didn’t care. I wanted to explore the post apocalyptic wastelands of Boston, fight my way through hordes of irradiated mutated creatures absorbing experience points and collecting bottle caps (the games currency) to buy better weapons and gear or in reality stimpacks (health) and bullets as you eat through them at a rapid rate of knots.

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The amazing attention to detail in the post apocalyptic wastelands of Boston are an adventurers paradise. You can lose, hours, days and weeks (come to think of it what day is it?, this review was due in a few days ago!) exploring houses, factory’s, underground stations, skyscrapers yearning to find that unique weapon or piece of armour. The allusive bobbleheads hidden anywhere that increase your states and abilities. Apparently there is even a main story mode? but I’ve spent my near seventy hours of gameplay choosing what my character looks like and building up the sheer insane amounts of settlements scattered throughout the vast waste ground that you now call home. The freedom to build in this game is vast, you have full control and can build a thriving community out of the destruction lying around. The weird part is it’s optional, a few missions require you to dip your toe into the mechanic although I’ve jumped in and lost days.

Each settlement requires, food, water, shelter and defences to keep them up and running in the fight against pretty much everything, most things have evolved or mutated into something horrific. Crabs are the size of cars, mosquitoes are like pterodactyl’s swooping down to end your fragile life. Super mutants are massive green-skinned walking mountains usually armed to the teeth with the biggest weapons in the game, there is even a suicide version that runs at you with a nuclear warhead in his hand (their fun).

You start the game pretty weak, your decisions on what special abilities and skill points you use are entirely your own choice, I’m a stealth based sniper but without charisma, I couldn’t talk my way into an idiots convention and sometimes talking your way out of a situation would be safer and sometimes more interesting. Wrap yourself in power armour however and you become the ultimate weapon of destruction, nothing can hurt you! Oh.. Wait, mini nukes, missiles and in general everything can still kill you! but it’s fun while it’s happening as small arms fire ricochet off your armour or energy weapons eat away at your precious life.

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The game takes over your entire life but Bethesda have been doing this for years with previous Fallout titles such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas or their swords, shields and magic wielding cousins Oblivion and Skyrim who are part of the Elder Scrolls series. With the sheer size of them however they do have their issues, bugs and glitches but deep down I don’t think anyone really minds (unless it ruins your game) I’ve had a few crashes, the odd freeze, my frames per second drops a little every now and again but although it can be frustrating if you haven’t saved in a while nothing has yet deterred me from sinking my teeth in and eating up hour after hour of gameplay.

The graphics won’t blow you away, the side quests and scale of the game will. The main story of what I’ve played is great and everything you do just seems to have been really thought out. I’m really addicted to Fallout 4 and a fan of this genre of game for the same price as every other game you get hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay, I love it and for me it scores 10/10, I mean who doesn’t like watching a sniper round in slow motion zip across the battlefield and explode someone’s head into tiny little bits? or pick pocketing someone for all there goods and as a present leave behind a live grenade?

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