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It’s time to ‘squad up’ as this top-down, sword fighting game gives gamers the opportunity to compete against each other in ways you may not have seen before. For starters, there’s one thing that you have to be clear about – this game is better with friends. The developers clearly had this in mind when creating the game but this doesn’t mean single player can’t be fun too. The only difference with this is that players online are replaced by bots which lowered the excitement of the game somewhat.

The main aspect of Knight Squad sees a number of different knights battling it out in a variety of fast-paced game modes. These include classics such as ‘team deathmatch’ and ‘capture the flag’, but also contain obscure game types such as ‘soccer’. This is a good range and keeps the game interesting, giving it replay value which is always highly important.

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In addition to this, the game also includes ‘challenges’. These are premade, single player missions which enable you to test your skills in a way that is different to the usual fast-paced combat. The problem with this is that there isn’t very many. They offer good variation but only for a short space of time. Also, they can be very tedious and you’ll find yourself replaying them a lot until you complete them. But if you like a challenge and something a little different, then they’re a worthwhile investment of your time. It’s just a shame that invested time is minimal.

The gameplay is swift, smooth and simplistic. There aren’t many ‘tactics’ as such when it comes to playing. It’s simply spamming a button to swing your sword before the other player can do the same to you. The mechanics work on a ‘one hit, one kill’ scheme so quick kills are a major part of all gameplay. It is safe to say that you are guaranteed to die at least once in every game mode, but the respawn time is so quick that you barely even notice.  The only adaptation to this is if you walk over a ‘pick-up’. These are temporary bonuses that your knight can get in order to boost their abilities in battle. Examples include summoning a group of ‘minions’ to help you, the ability to ride a horse and you can even acquire a laser to blast your way through enemies at long-range. These were good, but I still felt that there could have been more than just one standard attack.

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As this is the Xbox version, the game offers the usual 1000G for completing the achievements. However, the smallest achievement on the game is worth 100G. The game isn’t the most extensive so as a result, you’ll find gamerscore to be very achievable as you go along. Therefore, if you enjoy hunting for gamerscore, it shouldn’t be the main reason, but it is certainly another reason to like this game.

If you’re looking for a game that is easy to pick up and something that you can have fun with while playing with a few friends then Knight Squad is a great choice. However, if you’re looking for something to invest a lot of time into, it’s best to look elsewhere. Despite the range of game modes, this game is very small. When you look at the bigger picture you’re basically doing the same thing over and over again. Running around and hitting things with the same button, and the same can be said for the challenges. On the other hand, the game is fun when played with friends. It probably wont keep you entertained for a whole night of gaming, but you’ll certainly have some funny moments along the way.

Rating 7

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