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It has never been easier for developers to get their games out on the market for everyone to enjoy. Since the gaming market is so large today and there are so many people making games it is hard to find all the hidden gems that flood the marketplace. Thankfully, I was able to dive head first into Blitz Breakers, and let me tell you this is a game that should be on everyone’s radar if you are looking for a fun, challenging, and addicting game.

When you start-up the game you are thrown straight into the action. There is a quick diagram that explains the controls. You have the option to use your keyboard or use a gamepad to control your character. The only buttons used are the directional arrows (or directional pad on a gamepad) which allow you to move, and the spacebar (or the A button) which allows you to jump. Blitz Breaker isn’t your standard platformer. You aren’t running or walking on the ground rather you dash in every direction you choose to go. Once you choose a direction to dash in you won’t be able to stop until you hit something, and at that point, you will slightly bounce and either float downwards if there is nothing beneath your feet or stay stationary until you dash again. Once, you have hit an object you can dash in any other direction.

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This functionality is what makes the game so fun and addicting. Every level provides you with a challenge and you need to fully grasp the controls and the movement of your character to complete the level. Every level gets progressively harder with new obstacles to avoid. If you get hit once you die and you start back at the beginning of the level. Each level is relatively short so you will find yourself trying to complete it over and over again until you have mastered the precise movements to reach the end.

There are two main game types in Blitz Breaker. There is the story mode which consists of 101 levels and 4 worlds. In each world in the story mode, you are confronted with new and different enemies and obstacles. You have unlimited lives and in each level, you have a time limit which counts down as soon as the level begins. This forces you to think fast in order to beat the level. Throughout the level, there are coins that when collected add time back to the countdown, as well as other collectibles you can try to grab which will help you achieve a star rating once you have completed the level. There are boss fights at the end of each world. Each boss fight is unique and challenging and you will find yourself attempting to beat it more than once.

The second mode is the arcade mode which is basically just a variation of the story mode. The big difference in the arcade mode is that you start with only three lives. You can find more lives throughout the levels but once you run out of lives you start over from the beginning of the game. The other big difference is the timer counts up so you are scored based on how long you last rather than how fast you can beat the level.

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Other than those two game modes there is nothing else to play in Blitz Breaker. Once you have beaten the story mode you will have experienced everything in the game but you can always go back and try and beat your scores. This is a game that has some replay value but it may not keep you coming back once you have finished it.

Graphically Blitz Breaker has a nice 8-bit retro look. I think that the graphic style fits perfectly with this game and it is done very well. The sound in the game also fits with its style. The background music isn’t annoying and the sounds effects add to the experience. You will find yourself getting frustrated every time you hear the sound effect that plays when you die because you will die a lot.

Overall, Blitz Breaker is an extremely fun game if you are looking for something that isn’t too serious and that you can jump in a jump out of at any time Blitz Breaker will scratch that itch. It sells for $2.99 on Steam and I would highly recommend checking it out.

Rating 8

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