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Space Run Galaxy pits you against every known hazard an intergalactic space delivery pilot would ever face. From a harmful belt of asteroids to huge gun bristling armada’s of space pirates. It’s set twenty years after the events of the prequel Space Run which came out a few years back, where you played as Buck Mann a quick talking ex military pilot and former racer.

In Space Run Galaxy you now work for Buck Mann, taking on similar delivery missions in a tower defence style space adventure and enough has changed from the first game to make it feel similar yet putting in some well needed and enjoyable tweaks. Space Run was one of the first games I got when I first got my PC and sunk hours into the game. With a chance to review the second instalment I couldn’t wait to blast off into another space adventure.

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Taking control of the familiar hexagonal ship and delivering the cargo which becomes bigger and much more volatile in later missions. As you place turrets to your ship to swat away pesky asteroids, gun down your competition as they sail past or do your best to stop hardy pirates trying to blow your ship and cargo into space dust. Just that alone made me love the first game but the new additions like online mode letting you set and take one other players cargo runs (although this feature will be a lot more interesting on release) and the new customisation mode which instead of being given a standard ship you can now pick a new ship base and add your own hexagon panels and colour scheme to make it truly unique. I have upgraded twice now and each time my ship is getting bigger, I honestly can’t wait to go hauling in a massive behemoth of a ship with turrets, plasma cannons and missile launchers everywhere to protect my precious cargo.

The biggest change from the first game is the new multiplayer functions which allow you to buy and sell resources, parts and ships, set up online trade routes that allow other players to move your resources between space ports so you can concentrate on bigger and better cargo and missions. It just adds another dimension to the already incredible gameplay, allowing you to build an intergalactic empire though space.

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Even in development there are loads of players moving stuff around, buying and selling and expanding the online capabilities of this game. On release I can see this game really doing well with its new features alone but it will still draw in people (like me) who loved the first game. I just honestly can’t stop playing it, every bit of free time I have i’m ploughing in some more game time, doing a few missions, upgrading my ship and setting up contracts for other players to send my resources around the beautifully created solar system. Which is the reason this review is late.. sorry boss!

For me this is what makes gaming fun, those handful of indie games that come out that only cost between £10-£15 which offer so much, they may get repetitive after a while but you would have put a fair few hours in before that happened. To be honest I was going to buy this game anyway because I enjoyed the first game so much, getting this one as a review copy and watching it change and add new features over this week while playing has really been a great experience. I’ll still be playing weeks after release until I get the best ship in the game, I’ve seen the trailer that has some huge ship firing some impressive salvos off in all directions and I truly want to have that. I score this game 10/10, I can honestly find no fault with it and it’s still on development, I even started playing before I completed The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC which tells you I really love this game. Legendary!

Rating 10

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