Demetrio’s – The Big Cynical Adventure Review


Bjorn Thonen wakes up one day and finds that his apartment was robbed. He tries to take his case to the police but they are no help because robberies happen all the time. Bjorn decides to take it upon himself to investigate exactly who robbed him that night and why. He discovers that he is in for more of an adventure than he bargained for. Demetrio’s – The Big Cynical Adventure is an point-and-click adventure game that looks like a visual novel.It plays more like a visual novel than an adventure game which I didn’t mind all that much.

As the player it’s your job to help Bjorn unravel this mystery. Bjorn calls himself an antiques dealer and has his own shop. In reality he just sells replicas of real antiques. One night a robber breaks into his apartment and steals a stone tablet that came with a bird statue he owns. When Bjorn tries to tell the police what happens they dismiss him. Bjorn asks to see the Inspector but getting an appointment isn’t that easy. Bjorn must complete a series of tasks just to get an appointment. These tasks aren’t hard but it does take some creative thinking to get them done. One task you must complete is getting an ice cream for one of the policeman. He doesn’t exactly tell you what flavor to get him or where to get it. It is up to you to figure the rest out.

This is where the adventure part of the game comes into play. In order to make the story progress it is up to you to complete various tasks in the game. Then once you have completed enough tasks you move onto the next day. If you ever get stuck on how to complete a task all you have to do is find a cookie. I do mean literal cookies. Cookies are hidden all throughout the game. When you make Bjorn eat a cookie you get a hint about how to complete a task. If you get stuck trying to figure out what kind of ice cream to get the policeman you can eat a cookie. Then a hint will appear on your screen on what to do.If you eat too many cookies you are sure to receive a cynical comment from Bjorn.


Demetrio’s – The Big Cynical Adventure has the word cynical in the title for a reason. This game isn’t your typical adventure game.  Some might not enjoy the type of humor Demetrios has to offer but I did. There aren’t many games nowadays that are filled with humor. I loved that Bjorn didn’t live in a posh apartment and wasn’t living the high life. Even his apartment building is a little run down. When you make a poor decision in the game that leads to your death you will see a comic book style R.I.P end screen that mocks the decision you just made. It made getting a game over more enjoyable than usual. I do tend to get a lot game overs in any game.  The humor in this game can be varied. At times the humor can be silly and at other moments it can be down right crude.

You can click on a lot of things in Demetrios especially in Bjorn’s apartment. I do advise you thoroughly explore his apartment as it contains items you will find useful later on. His apartment also contains hints on how to complete certain tasks. At times it can feel like a hidden object game. Since it is an adventure, point-and-click game there aren’t any game modes or the ability to change the difficulty. You can create as many save files as you want and save at any time. Replayability is rather low in the game because once you unravel the mystery behind the missing stone tablet there is no need to go back and replay it. The controls are simple as well since it is a point-and-click game.


I enjoyed the art style of this game immensely. It fits the whole theme of the game which is to laugh and have fun. I also loved the comic book style cut scenes as well. The way the backgrounds are drawn, the characters, and everything else truly gives you the sense that this game doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you are looking for highly polished stylized graphics like in The Legend of Zelda you are playing the wrong game. That type of art style wouldn’t fit Demetrios-The Big Cynical Adventure at all. Once again it has the word cynical in the title for a reason. The graphics are well drawn and colorful which is more than others in its genre can say.

Demetrio’s – The Big Cynical Adventure might not be for everyone. Not everyone will appreciate the humor, art style, or that it’s a point-and-click game. I enjoyed all of it. The whole point in playing a game is to have fun. I would rather play a game like this one than the latest Call of Duty game any day. The game has decent challenging tasks as well. I think the only mistake is labeling the game an adventure game. It’s more like a humorous visual novel than adventure game. If you are a fan of point-and-click games or visual novels you will want to give this one a try.

Rating 8

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