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Spellweaver the new online card game from Dream Reactor. The game is very reminiscent of some classic older card games. Specifically ‘Magic: The Gathering’ which much of the core of the game has a resemblance to. It has a somewhat playable story mode to learn the basics of the game, but the real gem of this game lies within the online aspect of the game. With the ability to build your own unique deck of cards from up to as many as 5 different faction means that everyone you play against has a truly unique set of cards that you must adapt to.

The main purpose of the game is to progress through levels earning different cards through beating opposition and obtaining booster packs. This then gives you more creative freedom when creating a deck and taking it into the online arena where players around the world await your challenge. The learning curve for the games basic set up is relatively quick with most people being able to pick the game up in a matter of minutes, however to truly master a game like this takes dedication and time. something which means the more advanced player can really immerse themselves in .

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The game play is quite generic for this type of game just point and click with the mouse to select the cards you want at any one time or to view them closer to check for any abilities etc. The one way in which I feel this game excels is in its ‘grouping’ options. A player can select all cards in their attack quite quickly and send them all to one enemy. This can be especially useful late in a game when both players have many monsters in the game. The board within the game mechanic also aids the way the game is played with its clearly set layout and structure enabling an easy understanding of the different partitions for even the newest of players to the genre. this really helped when both me and my friends had a little gander into the game. It was strange to us having grown up playing various physical card games that were very similar we picked up that actual game rules very quickly. But it was the mechanics when it came to attacking and defending and those slight variation rules that we often forgot about which really hindered us in terms of winning games and progressing through the game.

Music adds to the game somewhat but isn’t really a deal breaker or maker with its quality. The sounds of the individual characters are at first amusing and even what they say is witty, but the repetitive nature of this quickly becomes apparent and it loses its charm and just becomes another part of the pregame that I have to navigate through before getting to the real business, Winning my card match and obtaining more cards for my custom decks.

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Graphically for me the game was very good, with the various different card designs as well as the hero’s in game adding to the background I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable sight to see. The variation in even the most basic cards showed that a real effort had been put into the design of them from the repetitive generic cards like shrines, down to each little creature from each different region type. This adds a level of realism that kept me engrossed in collecting different tiers of cards as well as unlocking all the ‘hero’ characters which enabled me to expand my deck into different realms of the game.

Overall this was a very good modern take on classic games and something that I thoroughly enjoyed having played the physical card games as a youngster. It had the perfect balance between rewarding those who worked harder to improve but not leaving too much of a gap between those experience players and the newcomers who were being introduced into the game. It blended the tactics and knowledge of strategy with a streamlined and easy game play. This lead to actually less waiting time betwene games and meant that I was able to actually compete in some online tournaments, all of which I was slaughtered in of course, But it really showed me the scale that this game could take and the growth that this kind of game has seen recently.

Rating 7

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