Train Valley Review


Train Valley is a train management game where you need to construct railway lines connecting various train stations. It comes with two modes: sandbox and classic. In classic mode players complete challenges with specific goals e.g. collect £x amount of money and deploy x number of trains. In the sandbox mode things are a lot more freeform. New stations arrive at regular intervals and you can just play with your new shiny train set to your heart’s content. Train Valley is enjoyable and looks cute, but is also a little frustrating.

Creating tracks is a little annoying. Having to drag from a previous track and not being 100% certain the shape your tracks will make and having to demolish then rebuild them is just annoying. Not having something pop-up to tell you a new station has arrived is also really annoying. Mostly because they sometimes appear in the middle of an already established set of tracks. If a train is already chug-chugging it’s way to the red station and all of a sudden a blue one appears a few feet in front the obviously it will cause a crash. It’s all a bit slow and boring as well. If you can get past these and understand properly how to lay tracks, then Train Valley is a really cute, little train game.


Classic mode is extensive and will have you making train lines all over the world. All the levels have just the right amount of challenge in them. They are enjoyable and a little tricky without causing you to fail and grow bored with the game. The sandbox mode though is where the game is at its best. The ever-growing railway lines, additional stations, just watching my money grow from performing well; it’s all so very satisfying.

Train Valley’s soundtrack is so soothing and compliments the game so well. I find it really relaxing to play sandbox mode without a care in the world and watch my train empire grow. I’ll find a new, more efficient way of linking 2 or more stations and set to work bulldozing areas and relaying the tracks. I’ll add a turntable and new trains as well and just lazily watch them as they ride around the lake and over the bridge into their stations. Train Valley is so relaxing and so much less taxing than I would have ever thought.


However, and this is a big however, if you really want an excellent train game that also has a lovely soundtrack and that you can relax while playing then you should get Mini Metro instead. It is much simpler and less frustrating than Train Valley. It doesn’t looks as cute, but it’s lines and shapes have a certain appeal to them. If you want the best train management game there is then go with Mini Metro, but if you want to be taken back to your childhood building train sets then Train Valley has that visual appeal.

In the whole I really like Train Valley. It is just shame that I enjoy Mini Metro way more. I remember building train sets as a kid, but I also really like the simple management of Mini Metro. Although, if you have the chance to pick up Train Valley and are looking for a decent, well designed train game then you won’t be disappointed.

Rating 7

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