Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution Review

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When I first watched the trailer for Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution I was interested in the game style as it is a turn based strategy, however when you progress through the levels it starts to get horribly unfair. The enemies start off with lots of soldiers and resources that always gives them too much of an advantage causing you to lose in a few turns. This game will definitely give you a challenge if you feel like taking these rodents on.

Play as Charles DeMontesquirrel as he starts a revolution to overthrow King Louis the Umpteenth to protect the squirrels of the forest who are slowly starving to death each passing day. The King was set to bankrupt the poor squirrels by taxing their acorns (squirrel currency). Stand up and fight against weird characters like Marquis DeBaguette, Tax Man and Marie Antoinutte (I know, so many puns) as you use your brain and skills? to battle your way through and reach the King himself. The game is based on the historical French Revolution just retold with furry rodents.

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The artwork and animations are quite well made and flow nicely with the gameplay with the characters drawn in 3D. There are cut scenes when you start the game and after you defeat each boss rodent just to give you some more story about the rodent revolution. What really made me laugh was how Black shell Media drew the queen Marie Antoinutte, for the breasts they drew acorns instead which really cracked me up I don’t know why!

The gameplay as I mentioned earlier in this review is a strategy turn based game and each turn you place down either a squirrel soldier or a barrel, the squirrels attack after of your turns whilst the barrel helps to protect you from enemy gun fire. You can upgrade your squirrels and barrels if you have three of the same items next to each other, so if you connect three barrels together they will become a stack of sandbags instead. You can also continue to upgrade the sandbags to create an even stronger barrier to withstand enemy attacks. After each turn as well, you will have the opportunity to use power ups such as; increase strength, health or defence but make sure you have enough acorns as that is what you would need to pay for these benefits. Collect acorns on the field of battle by creating stronger squirrels or barriers or just by finding them on certain spots on the map. Using these power ups can be the deciding move on whether Charles DeMontesquirrel achieves victory or defeat.

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The music is instrumental and kind of fanfare-y if that is even a word? So it has a few trumpets and wind instruments when you beat a level. There is no voice over during the cut scenes, but it isn’t too much text so it is quite short and easy to read.

There are a total of 11 achievements for you to collect when playing through this game, with five of them obtainable by progressing through each episode of the story mode. The other achievements are quite easy to get such as creating a bomber squirrel and to horde a total of 1000 acorns in one game.

Overall, Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is definitely for someone with a great deal of patience and who enjoys a good challenging strategy game. As I am someone who rage quits after a few tries, this game was a bit unfair as I couldn’t change the level of the enemies so it is just stuck on that difficulty. Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is available to purchase from the XBOX store if you are interested in a nutty adventure.

Rating 5

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