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In its most simple description, all you do in #KILLALLZOMBIES is well… Kill all zombies. I know it probably doesn’t sound innovative or even that fun in those terms, but I want to be completely clear as I review the game. The game looks, sounds, and feels great. I can’t fault it on any looks simply because the game can handle having so much going on without any issues. Realistically, the goal of the game is to survive as long as you can and to try and beat other high scores. How players will go about this is what makes this game unique and interesting. There are three modes to pick from that are simply Solo, Vault Defence, and local Co op. Whichever mode you play, the game still plays relatively the same.

Instead of gaining skill points and upgrading your character over time, like in a lot of other games, players will gain enough ‘score’ to be given the chance to pick a perk (out of 4 choices). These perks can range from healing you to turning you into the grim reaper so that you kill everything you touch. These perks are the main thing that made me play it for so long. I simply wanted to know what crazy things I could do and what kind of effects were waiting for me on my next try. Perks aren’t the only way the game changes things up to make each run fun time and time again.

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Besides perks, the actual arena you fight in will change over the course of each run Sometimes the ground will fall out near you, other times a comically sized ’16 tons’ weight will drop from the sky onto anything below. Other things will drop from the sky and some can even be destroyed to reap the rewards from whatever was inside. All of the different things that can happen in the arena mixed with the perks you’ll earn creates a sort of ‘perfect storm’ for replay value. That is if you like twin stick shooters, of course.

The entire game is played from the top down perspective to compliment the type of gameplay. This also allows players to see just how many zombies are trying to each them at any given time. This game throws a sheer insane number of zombies at you at any given time. You may think you’re safe to breathe for a minute or two, but I can tell you that not one of my runs lasted over five minutes. If you’re scared off by failure, this game will probably not be for you.

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As much as I want to give this game a better review, I simply can’t because of two main reasons. First, the crazy difficulty spike right before the fourth wave of zombies and the fact that the main thing that attracted me to the game, having Twitch viewers control your game, being hard to use. If you didn’t know, this game sports a nifty feature that lets people viewing on Twitch change various aspects of a streamer’s game. This sounds great on paper but isn’t as easy to figure out the finer details. I was able to set my stream to allow viewers to type in commands and change my game, but I soon found out that you have to have ‘various’ viewers type in the same command to make it do anything. This made my attempts at testing it very difficult.

I’m not sure how well the most interesting mechanic in the game works since I couldn’t get more people to try to help out. Other than this inconvenience, the game was truly fun to play several times over and I may continue to play it if I can figure out how to get a large enough stream going. If you like shooting zombies and crazy nonsense, you may just like this little game.

Rating 7

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