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The high seas be a dangerous place. Who would have thought stationary would be your main threat though? EnjoyUp Games have come together to create an original take on the crazy world of a band of Pirates. Known for titles like 99Seconds and 99Bullets, this on-rails third person shooter arrives with high expectations. As a group of Pirates, The aim of the game is not surprisingly to gather as much treasure as possible. Hoards of treasure chests are laid out on a circular islands surrounding by ballooned stationary. Pencils are used to help uphold the fortress where as sharpeners float through the sea with thumbnails fall down all looking to destroy your ship.

Using the Pirate ship you have a 360 degrees movement that surrounds the island you are attacking. With this the gameplay on hand is very unimaginative and begs for more originality as literally all you do is hold the stylus down on the touch screen and shoot constantly at anything that moves. Another disappointment is how Fantasy Pirates never truly immerses you in the game as every time you obtain a treasure chest the battle briefly pauses to let you know this therefore stopping the fantasy which is ironic considering the name. A simple icon that pops up would have sufficed.
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The rough Graphics immediately stick out making the game unappealing. Feeling like they would be more at home on the N64 the jagged nature of the models seem to say rushed job. Now I’m not someone who believes graphics are everything however when the screen hurts to look at you know it’s not right. There is also a lack of originality mechanically as the control scheme sees you hold the stylus on touch screen constantly to shoot enemies. This quickly becomes a tedious experience after the first few levels and by the end I was getting cramp in my hand.
One positive is I did feel the Bosses had a creative edge. Taking on a giant compass in the middle of the ocean is something I have never experienced before and is something I don’t think I’ll experience again. Not your typical Stage Boss. Another is a stapler of all things, Resembling an Octopus like creature which is enough to make anyone stay away from their pencil-case for days.
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Starting to get some momentum with the gameplay ended far too early as the duration for completion can be a pathetic 1 hour. Saying that if you rack the difficulty up you can be sustained for a longer period however as challenging of difficulty as this is there nothing enticing you to challenge the higher settings. I appreciate the steep difficulty however when the main gameplay is simply not that fun there why would I want to spend more time completing the game more than once?
Fantasy Pirates attempted to bring a different approach to a swashbuckling adventure, sadly due to lacklustre controls, painful graphics and a disappointing length there is hardly any fun to be had. The colossal sized stationary may be intriguing and raise a laugh but it’s not nearly enough to stop this ship sinking. I’ve limited myself to the minimum pirate puns throughout this review saving it to some up the conclusion. Is Fantasy Pirates a bad game? The answer is “Yarghh she blows”.
Rating 5
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