Journey to Kreisia Review


A savior has been summoned to Kreisia but he isn’t your typical savior type. Yusis loves to play video games and anime but nothing else. Thanks to the priestess he has been summoned to Kreisia to save the entire kingdom from the Overlord. Once the priestess Cynthia gets to know Yusis even she starts to doubt his abilities. At first Yusis thinks it is all a dream. After all he has only ever played fantasy games. As time passes he begins to realize that it isn’t a dream after all. Not only does he have to prove to everyone he is up for the task but he has to prove it to himself as well.

To be honest the story line didn’t impress me all that much. It is a pretty typical story line in most games in its genre. What I did find refreshing was the commentary from Yusis here and there. As the story progresses 2 more people join the party as well. It is a typical RPG set up. You journey from town to town, battle monsters, and gain EXP. You can also do side quests for more rewards and treasure.  Not particularly impressive. Just about any RPG has side quests.  You can transfer whatever experience you gain from the weapons you use to the next one. Another feature of the game that didn’t stand out was the Burst Gauge. The gauge fills up by beating a certain number of enemies. This enables you to release a certain number of skills. Most games nowadays have a similar feature. The orb system allows you to grant various effects to your armor and weapons.


The sad part is this game doesn’t take advantage of the 3DS touch screen. In order to access the different menu options you have to use the control pad or circle pad.  There are no 3D effects either. The whole game looks like something taken out of an early 90s arcade game. The map that appears while u are in a town or dungeon is appalling. It looks like a game of Space Invaders. You are literally a red square on a map. The environments aren’t impressive either and neither is the map that appears when you travel. The graphics from beginning to end are very old school. To me it just made the game more boring.

One thing that did interest me was the multiple endings of the game. There are about 5 different endings to Journey to Kreisia. The first is the normal ending. This is accomplished by playing the game through to the end once and beat the Overlord. The next is called the bad ending. In the first play through if you beat the Overlord’s first form and not the second you get the bad ending. Next is the modern ending. In the second play through defeat both forms of Begiad and have Yusis return home to achieve this ending. The fourth ending is the outer realm ending. To get this ending just do the same as in the third ending except have Yusis stay in Kreisia in your second play through. In the last ending Destruction defeat the first form of Begiad and lose to the second in your second play through. I would advise making multiple copies of your file if possible.


In order to change the difficulty you have to have a few battles under belt first. Compared to others in its genre that I have played it is fairly easy. There is no tutorial that explains the controls or how to access the menu options. The attack button is A, to access the menu options press the X button, and to save the game press the Y button. The start and select buttons are useless in this game. Another feature that I didn’t like is the Auto attack. During battle press the R button and your character attacks the enemy without your input. If you are just going to do that throughout the game why even play it? Doing that just makes the game a visual novel. There aren’t any game modes and replayability is there if you want to see the different endings. The game does have a soundtrack that isn’t too bad but at the same time it doesn’t really stand out either.

Journey to Kreisia is your typical RPG. It would have helped if the game had great graphics to make it stand out from the crowd. To be honest anything would have helped this game stand out such interesting characters, better backgrounds, etc. Everything about this game is a typical RPG. The only thing I found interesting was being able to get different endings. It’s not a bad title just boring and bland.

Rating 5

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