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After recently getting my hands on a new Nintendo 3DS console, I wanted to give a few brand new games a shot at satisfying my needs when it comes down to handheld gaming. Justice Chronicles is one of the first titles I have managed to get my hands on and truthfully, I am impressed yet still pretty disappointed. Justice Chronicles was developed and published by Kemco and Hit Point Co and recently released for the Nintendo 3DS and older consoles on the 31st March 2016.

With this title fitting into the RPG genre, I was definitely looking forward to spending some time with Justice Chronicles, however despite my love for games such as this and as much as I hate to admit this, it kinda fell flat on it’s face.

As you begin your journey with Justin Chronicles, you will meet Kline, a high beast knight and a group of his friends who are accompanying him along the way. Throughout your journey, you will fight against the darkness within the deepest depths of the earth to discover Kline’s path and how he will choose it. During the start of the game, Kline comes to face to face with an injured girl who stops him in his tracks, however he is soon faced with death, literally. The main story plays out pretty well throughout Justice Chronicles, yet some people may agree that at times it can become very boring and simplistic, despite the fantasy realm image this title holds.

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This title includes a number of different landscapes and environments to explore, including villages, caves and dark, treacherous dungeons which you must explore to discover new items and a new piece to add to Kline’s puzzling story. At first I enjoyed the immersive world which Justin Chronicles holds, however, as I explored more and more, I found myself becoming frustrated with the simplistic aesthetics applied to the landscape and the constant need to avoid any kind of battle that I was faced with, despite the Pokemon style feel this game held. It was fun at first, but became boring quicker than I expected it to.

Justice Chronicles is definitely a story teller. Throughout the game you will find yourself having numerous conversations with a diverse group of characters throughout. I always love learning more about the different personalities created for games and this was definitely a nice addition to the fantasy world. However, this did become a little bit too much at times, and I found myself skipping most of the dialogue due to the boredom I felt, which was disappointing. I love dialogue in games, but too much can be overkill.

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Justice Chronicles includes plenty of in game features which I found to be very useful throughout my experience. This included the ability to hold a number of different weapons for my character, opportunity to level up and the ability to craft items to use within the game. Despite the disappointment, I definitely gave this title a few brownie points for the effort applied to collectables and character development, which is always important in terms of RPG titles.

Overall Justice Chronicles managed to impress me in some aspects and really let me down in others. In terms of a role playing game, I do feel a lot of features were missing and the overall quality of gameplay was lacking. I’m glad I had the opportunity to give this new comer a shot, but personally, it just didn’t satisfy.

Rating 4

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